Wearing smart blue leather I’m never blue

black leather jeans with blue leather gloves, Converse trainers and tie

How can I feel down and blue when I’m wearing my smart blue leather? Even on my lowest days, slipping into a leather suit will always bring a smile to my face.

This particular ensemble was built around a pair of gloves that I found hiding at the bottom of one of my many glove drawers. They are a beautiful shade of royal blue with brass buckle detailing on the cuff and have been in my collection for quite a while now. As can be the case when you own a vast collection of something, when I get new items, I somehow forget about the old ones.

dark blue leather gloves

Perhaps unsurprisingly I had some footwear that matched the glove colour to perfection. In this case, they were a pair of dark blue leather Converse high-tops, of which I have now managed to amass quite a selection in most colours of the rainbow, both low- and high-top, but that’s a whole other post…

dark blue leather converse trainers

I also had a shirt of the same colour, so that seemed like an obvious choice – and you can’t have a shirt without a tie. This particular shirt has a thin, delicate collar, so it needs a skinny tie otherwise I have to wear it collar up like they did in the Regency era. Not really the look I was going for! As I don’t have a lot of skinny linen ties, I was forced (not against my will) to look at my collection of leather ties, and lo-and-behold, I found one in a complimentary light grey-blue leather.

It also seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear my light blue linen blazer. I do have a navy blue leather one, but it just didn’t sit quite right with the shirt and the colours clashed. Also this particular jacket is a slightly more tailored fit, which worked well with the outfit so far.

The only detail left to figure out was the bottom half. I didn’t want anything too long on the leg to hide the trainers. Also I wanted something that had some gold detail to match the gold detail on the gloves. The perfect pair were these hipsters by Comanchi with their exposed button fly.

For a complete set of full sized photos of this smart blue leather outfit in all it’s matching detail head over to my OnlyFans page.


Linen Blazer: Atmosphere by Primark
Hipsters: Comanchi
Trainers: Converse
Shirt: D Uniforms by Dior
Gloves: Emma Fownes from Dents
Tie: Vintage, Unknown

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