Perfect leather swing skirt double down

feeling good in my black leather swing skirt and burgundy leather ankle boots

There is something immensely satisfying about matching colours. I think gives an outfit integrity. We all know that black will go with just about anything, but what about shades of burgundy?

A few years ago I bought a ‘matching’ leather top and swing skirt in burgundy, a colour that I think particularly suits me. When I put them together, not only did the colours not match, but they actually clashed horribly. Had I seen them together in the shop, I would have noticed this and probably bought just one or the other, but as both are beautiful in their own right, I wasn’t really that fussed, just a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to wear them as an ensemble as was my original intention.

burgundy leather swing skirt

Picking out a nice linen top to wear not so long ago, I came across one that reminded me of that lovely burgundy swing skirt hanging in my cupboard. Grabbing the skirt I happened upon another swing skirt hanging near it, but this one was in black, so I took that one out as well.

black leather swing skirt

The burgundy’s actually worked really well together so I went with the original colour match idea. and grabbed a pair of burgundy ankle boots.

Unfortunatly, they didn’t sit quite right with the outfit. What was needed was something a bit more sophisticated like a pair of knee-high boots. I knew I had just the pair that would keep the earthy red tones going. They were spot on and I was good to go. But what about the other skirt I had found?

I slipped out of the burgundy swing skirt and brown boots and swapped into the black swing skirt and burgundy boots and hey presto: what a fun little number I had! I must confess I did dance around with random 1980s bubblegum pop songs playing in my head for the next few minutes feeling immensely satisfied that I discovered I had two outfits for the price of one.

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Top #1: Etam (Vintage)
Skirt #1: H&M
Boots #1: Roland Cartier


Top #2: Etam (Vintage)
Skirt #2: Genel (Vintage)
Boots #2: Office

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