Wear the rainbow: Black and pink leather

Pink leather short jacket and black leather trousers with a rainbow background

As much as I love my black leather, I do like to keep things colourful from time to time. This particular outfit came about from the tie catching my eye in the cupboard and ended with having fun with flash gels.

This particular tie can be difficult to wear with anything other than pure black because it is just so colourful, so I started with a base of a sharp black shirt and buttery soft black leather trousers. The jacket was a bit of a conundrum. Black would obviously had worked, but then I ran the risk of ending up with just a random flash of colour. Then I remembered my hot pink leather short jacket. Given where the trousers sat, this seemed like the perfect length, the only question was whether or not it worked with the tie. The answer was a resounding yes.

pink leather jacket

From there it seemed like the right idea to see if I had any gloves that matched another colour in the tie as I felt that more pink leather might be overdoing it a bit. I found pairs in blue, orange, yellow and purple. The blue felt like too much of a juxtaposition against the jacket, whilst the yellow and orange seemed to clash. That left the purple and they were spot on.

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Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Jacket: Liz Claiborne
Gloves: Alexander Bartlett
Tie: Marks and Spencer
Trousers: Jaeger
Belt: Jeff Banks

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