Mirror portrait: It’s good to self-reflect

mirror portrait in black leather bandage skirt and red leather stiletto shoes with ankle strap details

One of my dreams a a girl growing up was my own walk in wardrobe. My parents wouldn’t allow me one when I was growing up, but then again I had a music room instead, so it wasn’t all bad.

At university I didn’t have enough clothes to warrant one, and besides which, I was on a student budget. Then it was rented accommodation so fitting out one of the rooms with clothes rails and mirrors wasn’t really a viable option. When I could finally afford to buy my own, I seized on the opportunity to convert the spare room into my longed-for walk in wardrobe.

I started off with bare clothes rails and to be honest, it looked like a clothes stall at the local market. I really needed to devise a more fitting way to store my ever growing collection, so I went through the phone book asking all the carpenters and fitted wardrobe companies for ideas and quotes. Alas, they all came up short. Either they were way over budget or impractical, i.e. no doors or no space to move around the room.

One afternoon having put my wardrobe room plans on hold, I was wandering around a well known purveyor of flat-pack furniture and found the solution. Within a month I had my room fitted out just as I had always wanted. Mirrored doors on all the cupboards. Plenty of room for all my boots and shoes as well as all my clothes. Not only was my collection now stored safely and stylishly, but I could also admire myself from all angles, and get fantastic mirror portraits like these.

lower half mirror portrait

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen various pictures of me in my wardrobe room and it always makes for a good location with one tiny drawback. Keeping the equipment out of shot. Once that issue has been solved, I can get interesting pictures of me and my reflection so I put it to good use to show off this beautiful bandage skirt and ankle strap shoes – both as beautiful at the back as they are from the front.

For more interesting angles on this red and black ensemble, head over to my OnlyFans page.


Skirt: Marks and Spencer
Top: Liz Claiborne
Shoes: Aldo

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