Leather driving with me and my girl

Me in leather driving my car

Let me introduce you to my girl. I love taking her out for a spin, but unfortunately, what with one thing and another, I haven’t had the opportunity over the summer, and what a lovely summer it has been. I did though get the opportunity at the end of September.

The sun was out and I was determined to get some photo’s of me posing with my girl against some beautiful sunlit scenery, but as is always the case with the English weather, it all changed as soon as I backed out of the garage. Clearly a skirt, knee skirt and short sleeved top wasn’t going to be appropriate but I wasn’t going to be deterred from my planned photo shoot, so I changed into something more appropriate for the weather.

My leather driving outfit

I started with a pair of skinny black leather trousers to make sure that my legs didn’t get cold. My next stop was to add a bit of colour with a purple blouse that sat nicely over the top of the trousers. Given that the wind was starting to get up and the place that I had planned to drive to was rather open, I wasn’t going to venture out without a jacket, and a purple sports jacket seemed the perfect complement to my shirt.

No driving outfit is complete without a pair of gloves to grip the leather steering wheel with. I chose a pair of black three-point, silk lined leather driving gloves with brogue bow detail. That’s not to say that I don’t have plenty of pairs of traditional leather driving gloves – including some that would perfectly match the jacket and blouse, but I fancied the slight florish of the bow detail and fuller hand coverage seemed more appropriate given the weather.

leather driving gloves

A pair of sleek black leather boots that I can drive in and sporty sunglasses completed the outfit and I was good to go and tear up the road, albeit in a responsible manner.

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Jacket: Karen Millen
Shirt: Marks and Spencer
Trousers: Mango
Boots: Jacques Michel (Vintage)
Gloves: Dents

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