The magic of metallic leather

Caught in the act of checking over my amazing metallic leather suit by Proudfoot.

You can never have too much black, brown or tan leather in your wardrobe in my opinion, but these colours are fairly readily available. It has probably got something to do with these colours being fairly easy to make and also not exactly difficult to look after and clean.

I have noticed that slightly more interesting colours are becoming a bit more available, for example red, purple and green as well as lighter colours like pink, cream and even white. All of these colours I do have in varying quantities in my collection, but some of my favourite pieces are non-traditional colours. Take this beautiful suit for one.

Close up on Proudfoot dark red metallic leather

In one light the leather looks gold, in another, it looks a vibrant orange or even pink. In actual fact, it is a gorgeous metallic dark red.

As the sun set at the end of an early autumn day, the colours in the sky reminded me of this suit, so I picked it out and found shoes and gloves that played off the autumnal colours, finishing off the outfit with an earthy striped fitted shirt and shimmering burgundy tie.

dark red leather gloves and shoes

Once more everything was right in the world – my metallic leather suit matched nature, all that remained was to capture the perfection and watch the vibrant sunset.

For a full photo set of this flamboyant suit, head over to my OnlyFans page.


Suit: Proudfoot
Gloves: Marks and Spencer
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Tie: Primark
Shoes: John Rocha

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rear view of dark read metallic leather Proudfoot trousers
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