My autumnal tan leather suit

Sprawled out in my fantastic tan leather suit

As the nights draw in and the temperature falls along with the rain, there is no doubting that autumn is here. It also means a riot of vibrant and warm colours ranging from browns and tans, through reds, oranges, yellows and golds. It is the perfect time to get out my dark tan leathers.

This particular suit is once again acouple of separates that hapen to work really well together. The dark tan leather trousers truly are as soft as they look. They are also unlined, so they feel absolutley divine to slip in to.

Ash tan leather jacket

The jacket, is a slightly lighter shade of tan leather, was in impulse purchase a few years ago. I was in London for a day of shopping and had been bitterly disappointed by the lack of leather I had seen anywhere despite it being mid autumn. I was all but ready to give up, consoling myself with the fact that at least it hadn’t rained on me when I decided to go into House of Fraser on Oxford Street.

On my way out, I spied what looked like a tan leather jacket on a sale rail at one of the consecions and had to go and look. My eyes hadn’t decieved me, it was indeed real leather, and not only that, but it was 75% off! The icing on the cake was that it was the perfect fit and I ended up skipping out of the shop the proud owner of this lovely jacket.

tie, tie pin and cream leather gloves

With my jacket and trousers chosen, all that remained were the shirt and accessories. To keep the autumnal colours going, I chose an earthy striped shirt and vibrant red and gold tie with matching cufflinks and tie pin. For my shoes and, I decided to go for a lighter colour to create a bit of contrast.

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Jacket: Ash
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Trousers: Mango
Gloves: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Clarks
Tie: Lucino (Vintage)

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cream leather gloves and shoes
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