Smashing time in leather leggings and work boots

Burgundy H&M leather leggings and Caterpillar workboots

You may have noticed that I sometimes like to mix up my styles. Wearing a sharp tailored black leather suit with trainers for instance. Or, as is the case on this occasion, super soft burgundy leather leggings with heavy-duty work boots and a lumberjack style shirt.

I have quite a few pairs of leather leggings in a variety of colours, and this is one of two pairs I have in this shade that I purchased around the same time. You might wonder why I have two pairs of very similar pairs of leather leggings. The answer is that one pair (this pair) is definitely a rich burgundy colour and the other pair is a lot more plum coloured.

Now to my eye there is a very big difference between dark plum and burgundy. It’s always good to keep options open as far as accessorising goes and they both match different shirts and tops in my collection. But if I’m being completely honest, I can’t really have too much leather – of any style or any colour – though that probably doesn’t surprise you if you follow me over on Instagram.

Back to the matter at hand though, and this particular outfit came about as a result of sorting through one of my piles of footwear boxes and digging out this pair of tan nubuck work boots by Caterpillar. Since then I’ve been trying to match them with the right pair leather trousers and couldn’t quite get the right look.

Whilst putting away one of my jackets I stumbled across my lumberjack style shirts and that gave me the idea for this outfit. I had a choice of a black and white checked shirt, red and black or this red and navy one. With my thoughts on the work boots, I chose the red and navy one as I thought it played nicely off the tan colour of the boots.

I also thought of the pairs of skinny leather trousers and leather leggings I had. Black would work, but I wanted something a bit more colourful for the look I was after. My orange and red pairs of leather leggings would have clashed rather with the boots and shirt respectively.

That left white, green and my burgundy pairs. Not wanting to give anything away, I have got other ideas for my white leather leggings, and the green really wouldn’t work with the other colours. And that is how I ended up with this particular ensemble.

The only remaining item to find was the gloves. This was a rather easy decision. They had to match the colour of the boots and look like work gloves. I zeroed in on my tan pairs of gloves and these driving gloves fit the bill perfectly. They were a spot on colour match for the tan work boots, complemented the burgundy of the leather leggings, and looked rugged enough to work with the shirt despite being amazingly soft and creamy leather.

Now that I was appropriately dressed, all that I needed to do was find some props and get photographing this amazing rugged looking yet far too soft to actually do any work in outfit. It did seem rather appropriate to grab my sledge hammer out of the garage as the shaft was a nice bright yellow that showed off the gloves.

My other prop of choice was a pair of garden shears. What can I say, it’s getting close to Halloween and I love my horror films.

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Shirt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Caterpillar
Gloves: Burfield (Vintage)

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