Super slick in a black leather suit

Super Slick Black Leather Suit in all its glory

The last time I wore a black leather suit I was a bit of a rebel and paired it with a pair of white trainers. With this suit though, I kept it more traditional. Sometimes a pair of trousers just cry out for a certain style of footwear, and this amazingly soft pair by Karen Millen look their best with a pair of traditional suit shoes.

I am one of those people who, when I find something that is spot on for me, will get as many versions of it as I can lay my hands on. That is the case with this pair of trousers. They are one of the most perfect looking pairs of black leather suit trousers that I own. They sit so perfectly around my hips and waist that I want to keep them in the best condition possible.

Oil slick shine and pocket detail on the rear of my black leather suit trousers

As a result I have another rougher pair that don’t fit quite as well and I will slip in to them if I have a feeling that I might cause even the slightest amount of damage to my best pair.

Due to the beauty of this particular pair of trousers, I had to pick out a pair of shoes that would do them justice. My choice was an stunning pair of brogue shoes by Ted Baker. They are one of the comfiest pairs of suit shoes I have in my collection and they are lined with sumptuous gold leather, which matches the sheen of the trousers. I know that I’m the only one that will see that detail, but it just makes them all the more special.

Super shiny Ted Baker black leather brogue shoes

Given the unusual metallic shine on both the trousers and the shoes, I needed a jacket that had a similar metallic shine, but was equally soft and luxurious. There was only really one choice. My black leather suit jacket by John Rocha. The texture of the leather is once again beautifully soft and creamy. What sets this jacket apart from others jackets, is the splits at the wrists, which gives a little extra space for a double cuff shirt underneath.

Perfect tailoring on the shoulder of my black leather suit jacket and super soft black leather gloves

No suit of mine is complete without a pair of leather gloves. Of course they had to be black, but to pick up on the golden tones, I chose a pair that had some lovely gold chain detail at the wrists. Other than that, they were completely plain, so there was nothing to interrupt the clean lines of the jacket.

Black leather gloves with gold chain detail and Ferrari cuff links

Finishing off this luxurious black leather suit, I chose a T.M. Lewin purple stripe formal shirt with double cuffs. Of course this meant that I had to pick a pair of cuff links, and what is more appropriate than a pair with the Ferrari logo on? Alas the matching tiepin for my burgundy tie would have been upside-down, which just wouldn’t do with such a perfect outfit. Instead I chose one with a lovely pattern.

Personally, I think that out of all the possible combinations, this is one of my most perfect black leather suits. There is something about the unusual shine on both the trousers and jacket that lifts it above my other suits. Also, the trousers have got that traditional button pocket on the rear as is so common on men’s suit trousers.

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Jacket: John Rocha
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Trousers: Karen Millen
Shoes: Ted Baker
Gloves: Mercer and Madison
Tie: Cedar Wood State (Primark)
Cufflinks: Ferrari

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Beautiful crotch and glove detail on my perfect black leather suit
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