Flirty in my black leather babydoll dress

Feeling good in my babydoll dress and over the knee boots

A few Christmases ago, I treated myself to this rather cheeky little babydoll dress from Leatherotics. I’m not usually one for dresses, but what caught my eye about this one was the flattering balcony style neckline.

The balcony style neck like of Pandora's black leather babydoll dress

When it was delivered, I couldn’t wait to try it on but I’m always cautious about leather quality when buying new online. I was rather surprised by the softness of the leather. Most of my leather I tend to buy off the high street, be it in a fashion store or thrift shop. As leather is such a tactile material, I like to feel the quality of the leather that I am getting and have often turned my back on something that I loved the style of but the quality was substandard. This was one of those happy occasions when buying blind paid off.

I was initially worried about how the elasticated arms would fit when I tried on the babydoll dress. I needn’t have worried though – the dress fitted me perfectly. The waistband and integrated tie up belt were in exactly the right place and the balcony neckline gave me just the right amount of lift.

In keeping with the flirtiness of the babydoll dress, I chose a pair of over the knee boots with a metal heel and open toes. The two leathers were a lovely match in both quality and texture, and I liked the way that they left a bit of room to show off the foot of my hip tattoo.

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Dress: Leatherotics
Boots: Office

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