Super creamy leather skirt suit

John Rocha cream leather skirt suit with cream leather gloves and cream satin shirt

I always have loved a well cut leather suit. More often than not, it’s a trouser suit, but a leather skirt suit can look equally as fetching when it fits as well as this particular one.

Despite it having seen a good number of wears over the years, the cream leather of this skirt suit is still in almost immaculate condition, and as for just how soft it feels: the best way to describe it would be to say that it really does look as soft as its delectable double cream colour implies.

Cream leather skirt suit in all its glory

More often than not, I have worn the skirt and jacket as separates, but on this occasion I decided to wear them as John Rocha originally intended, as an exquisite skirt suit. I was doubly convinced by the beautiful jewelled shoes by Aldo which match perfectly.

As I have said previously, light coloured leather is awful for getting dirt and stains off. In fact, these shoes had a horrible pen stain up the heel where a careless shop assistant had allowed their pen to slip when marking the price down to put them in the sale. Luckily, with a very careful but persistent wipe with some leather cleaner, the ugly stain was removed and the shoes are fit to be worn with this elegant leather skirt suit.

Jewelled cream leather court shoes

With such an amazing colour match and such graceful tailoring, it would have been wrong to wear anything other than a suitably luscious blouse underneath this leather skirt suit. Personally, I think that leather and satin are a match made in heaven as far as texture combinations go.

Reverse view of cream leather skirt, cream satin shirt and jewelled court shoes

Having found the perfect combination of skirt suit, blouse and shoes, the final finishing touch was the gloves. If it is difficult to find cream leather shoes in good condition, it is nigh on impossible to find a pair of cream leather gloves without some sort of stain or shop soiling on them. It really angers me when a shop believes that it is acceptable to sell light coloured leather gloves that have been absolutely ruined for only a few pounds less than the perfect pairs. Luckily, I was able to get these amazing cream leather gloves not only in very good condition, but also at an incredible discount!

Exquisite cut out detail on cream leather gloves with cream leather cufflink shirt

What I love most about these particular gloves, aside from the amazing colour match to the skirt suit, is the little cut-out detail up the outside of the hand. It makes them look even more dainty and feminine than they would if they were a standard three-point pair.

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Skirt: John Rocha
Jacket: John Rocha
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Shoes: Aldo
Gloves: Dents

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Admiring my jewelled cream leather court shoes in my cream leather skirt suit and cream satin blouse
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