Lovely leather dungarees to play in the autumn leaves

Crouching in Asos tan leather dungarees

With autumn well underway now and the leaves falling off the trees, I thought I’d channel all the lovely rich colours of the season with this lovely pair of tan leather dungarees and cute little top.

The thing I love about dungarees, especially my pairs of leather ones, is that they keep your back warm. This particular pair are a beautifully rich tan colour as well as being lovely and soft. They are also the perfect fit for me.

Being only 5″ 4.5′, often when I buy all-in-one catsuits, jumpsuits or the like, they are a bit too long in the leg and the waist to hips measurement doesn’t match my shape. Now leg length isn’t really that much of a problem if the item is fashion leather as opposed to full-on biker leather, but there isn’t much you can do to alter the middle.

That’s why I was so enamoured by these particular dungarees. Yes, they are a little long in the leg, but nothing that a good pair of heeled shoes or boots can’t sort, and who doesn’t think a pair of heels look good?

Speaking of heels, I knew exactly the right pair of shoes to give me the lift I needed. They are the perfect colour match, but also have some lovely stud detailing on the heel that perfectly matches the gunmetal clasps on the dungarees.

To finish off the outfit, I dug out a cute little long sleeved cropped top in a light grey to play off the metalwork on the rest of the ensemble.

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Dungarees: Asos
Shoes: New Look
Top: Topshop

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