Amazing colour shift leather Armani jeans: Purple, pink and perfect!

The perfect fit of my colour shift leather Armani jeans

There are certain items of leather in my collection that I bought because they were absolutely unique, even though there was a possibility that they might not fit me. That was the case with these Armani jeans in colour shift leather.

For all the colours I have in my leather collection, I don’t have anything like these. Nor have I seen anything as exquisite since. Yes I have trainers that are colour shift leather, but they aren’t as spectacular as these Armani jeans.

You may therefore be wondering have I ever paired these stunning Armani jeans with my colour shift leather trainers? The answer is I have tried, but whilst the jeans are purple and pink colour shift, the trainers are blue and pink so it doesn’t really work.

I don’t get to wear these jeans as much as I would like to given how beautiful they look. The reason is because they are cut rather on the skinny side. This means that I have to be at my skinniest in order to do them justice. That being said, when I can fit in to them, it is worth celebrating and taking a good set of photos of.

Stud detail boots shown off beautifully by the short leg on my colour shift leather Armani jeans

On this particular occasion, having wiggled into these Armani jeans, I decided that I would show them off as a suit. Being a purple and pink colour shift leather, I didn’t want too many different colours in my outfit, but rather chose to keep it on a mostly black palette with any other colours being absolutely complementary.

It just so happens that I have a lovely black tailored shirt with pink pin-stripes. This seemed to be an obvious choice and luckily it wasn’t too bulky to tuck in so as to ruin the fit of the colour shift leather jeans. If this hadn’t have been the case, I would probably have resorted to my usual choice of a short jumper or top and abandon the suit idea all together.

A tuxedo style short jacket to show off my colour shift leather Armani jeans

Be that as it may, the shirt worked so I was well on my way to having a dazzling suit with my Armani jeans as their base. So the next item to find was the jacket. With the jeans being such an exquisite fit around my bottom, I didn’t want to cover it with a long or even medium jacket, therefore I grabbed one of tuxedo-style jackets and slipped it on. Bingo! the lines matched and I could admire my derrière in all its skin tight leather glory.

As I mentioned earlier, despite having colour shirt leather trainers in my footwear collection, I would have ended up with a colour clash. Besides which, these Armani jeans are a little short on the leg, so the sensible choice of footwear is a pair of boots with some detail that deserves showing off as much as the jeans. Also a small heel never goes amiss when you want to give your posture a little lift to show off shapely legs and pert bottom.

Pink leather driving gloves with laser cut star detail match perfectly with my colour shift leather Armani jeans

The final details were the gloves and tie. The tie was a fairly easy choice as I knew exactly the tie that would work – mostly black but with some hot pink detailing on it to match the pink in the colour shift. This also lead me to the glove choice. This particular pair are a lovely bright pink with a dark purple lining, which you get glimpses off through laser cut stars on the back of the hand.

With all of the details finalised, all that was left to do was admire what a sensational ensemble I had put together and take some pictures to capture the perfection of this colour shift leather suit.

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Jeans: Armani
Jacket: Warehouse
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Boots: Bronx
Gloves: Star by Julian Macdonald
Tie: Next

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Feeling good about being in my colour shift leather Armani jeans
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