Beautiful black leather dress: Glamourous and sophisticated

Rear view of a beautiful black leather dress in black and white

Sometimes an outfit demands to be photographed in a particular way. That was exactly the case with this beautiful black leather dress. I felt like a glamourous film starlet from the 1950s so it seemed only fitting that I should capture the outfit in that photographic style.

I don’t usually wear gloves when I do my pictures for Outfit of the Week for my Instagram stories, but when I slipped in to this black leather dress a few weeks back, it felt wrong not to find a pair of gloves that fit the elegant sophistication of the rest of the outfit.

It was way back in February 2005 that I snapped up this gorgeous black leather dress from eBay, and every time I have worn it I have felt a million dollars. The leather itself is beautifully creamy and the shape of the bodice and skirt just screams old school Hollywood glamour. The most eye-catching detail on this black leather dress for me is the scalloped hem with laser-cut flower style detail.

The beautiful hem detail on my black leather dress

The length of the skirt is also very demure, just covering the knees the way skirts and dresses used to back in the 1950s. With a black leather dress such as this, it is important to find just the right pair of shoes to complement the graceful silhouette that it gives you. Too high a heel, and the shoe looks too heavy. Too low and you don’t get the same elegant posture. If there is too much detail, the shoes distract from the classic style. I chose a pair of plain, slightly pointed black leather court shoes with a mid-height heel, and I think that they look spot on.

the perfect black leather court shoes to wear with my gorgeous black leather dress

As I mentioned before, I don’t tend to wear gloves during the day when I am working, but this dress just felt wrong without a pair of leather gloves. Given the 1950s vibe that I was building with this outfit, I needed a pair of gloves that would fit the aesthetic of the era. I thought that a pair of black leather gloves would have been too heavy, as would anything that went to more than the elbow.

Classic button cuff long leather gloves that I wore with my black leather dress

Luckily I have a nice selection of wrist-to-elbow length gloves in some lighter colours to choose from. The pair that leaped out of me were aquamarine and had some lovely button detailing on the back of the wrist. When photographed in black and white, they came out an alluring off-white which contrasted perfectly with the shine of the black leather dress.

Having got the perfect outfit and feeling as elegant as I did, all that remained was to do it justice in a full set of photos. Head over to my OnlyFans page and subscribe to see a full set of this outfit in all its amazing detail both in 1950s style black and white and full colour.


Dress: Autograph for Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Topshop
Gloves: Dents

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Channeling 50s Hollywood glamour in my black leather dress
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