Beautiful black leather sleeveless jumpsuit: Perfect winter wear

A black leather sleeveless jumpsuit with biker style detailing

Back in late November last year, this lovely sleeveless jumpsuit in deliciously shiny black leather won my Outfit of the Week poll. As I recall it was a rather close run vote, but as promised here is a full article on the winning outfit.

When the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder it can be tricky to keep the cold air away from my warm midriff. An all-in-one, jumpsuit, onesie or whatever else you want to call it is the perfect answer to keeping warm all over whilst sill looking very stylish.

This sleeveless jumpsuit has a few biker style features especially the very prominent silver stud detailing on the breast pockets and heavy duty zip. It is also has a low waist line to make movement in it a lot more free, ie. sitting astride a motorcycle. There is a particularly nice detail in the low bum pockets, which are in the perfect place to slip a hand in to for the ultimate swagger. It is also roomy enough to be able to wear a close fitting jumper underneath so that I can keep my arms warm.

Around the waist there are wide belt loops that are perfect for a big statement leather belt. The one I chose is one of my favourites. It’s not fancy, but the wide black leather and enlarged rectangular silver buckle really worked with the rugged aesthetic of the jumpsuit.

With the rugged style and shiny black leather of the sleeveless jumpsuit, an equally rugged and shiny item of footwear was needed. I wanted to pick up on the silver detailing on both the jumpsuit and belt so picked out this pair of block heeled ankle boots with powerful silver chain detail across the foot. I needed a bit of lift in order that I didn’t drag the legs of the jumpsuit on the floor, but obviously any heel that was too slim, shapely or feminine would have looked out of place given the style of the rest of the outfit. This pair were the perfect match.

The final detail was an appropriate pair of gloves. Again I wanted to pick up on the silver detail in the rest of the outfit and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear one of my longer pairs of gauntlet style black leather gloves. When I bought this pair of gloves, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but they stood out as something different and unique.

A lot of my gloves have a beautiful silk lining, but this pair of black leather gloves actually make a feature out of their gorgeous red silk lining. Ten rows of silver eyelets, a detail that plays off the silver detailing on both the sleeveless jumpsuit and boots, gives a subtle flash of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

Black leather gloves with silver eyelet detail to show the red silk lining

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Jumpsuit: Paul Smart Designs
Top: Banana Republic
Boots: Office
Gloves: Dents
Belt: Per Una from Marks and Spencer

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