Super shiny silver leather jeans: Suiting my way

Shiny silver leather jeans with beautiful black leather ankle boots

I have showcased these particular silver leather jeans in an earlier post but thought that they were so beautiful that I decided to style them in a slightly different way for a completely different look.

Whilst most of my jackets are leather, I do have a good number of linen ones for those sporadic occasions when a leather jacket isn’t quite right for whatever reason. In this instance I fancied a slight change of outfit halfway through the day, so slipped off the jacket that matched my silver leather jeans, and donned a grey linen one instead.

This is a classically styled single button blazer that sits very nicely with the jeans. I do sometimes struggle to find a blazer, particularly of the linen variety, that fits me well both across my shoulders, which are rather broad for my petit frame, as well as tailoring nicely at the waist. That is not a problem with this particular blazer as you can see.

Having decided to stick with a grey colour palette for the jacket and jeans, it seemed the obvious choice to choose a pair of grey leather gloves. What better than a traditional three-point pair that fitted neatly under my shirt cuffs. That little flash of dark blue between the grey of the jacket and grey of the gloves added, in my humble opinion, an extra air of sophistication to the outfit.

Footwear was the next, and final, consideration. Anything with gold detailing would be very much at odds with the outfit so far. Therefore, if there was going to be any metalwork on show, it would have to be silver. The pair of boots that I chose had some very nice yet subtle metalwork around the top of the ankle that I don’t get to show off very often. On this occasion the silver leather jeans sat perfectly to flash the detail when I sat down or raised my knee a bit.

With all the details of my second silver leather outfit sorted, all that remained was to capture it and relax for the rest of the day.

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Jacket: Primark
Jeans: Marc Cain
Shirt: D Uniforms by Dior
Gloves: Dents
Boots: Carvela
Tie: Vintage
Belt: Marks and Spencer

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Standing tall in my shiny silver leather jeans
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03 comments on “Super shiny silver leather jeans: Suiting my way

  • Nancy Mindlin , Direct link to comment

    But I NEED to by these shiny leather jeans! Where? I cannot live without them!

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      Thank you. They are a rather beautiful pair. As with a large part of my collection, I got them from eBay after a lot of obsessive searching. Failing that I’m sure there are places that could custom make a similar pair for you.

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