Beautiful golden hour in skinny leather jeans and satin shirt

All Saints skinny leather jeans suit with gold satin shirt

Sometimes the weather chooses an outfit for me, other times it is the occasion. After a morning of housework and chores I wanted to get properly dressed up. For me, this usually means slipping into a leather suit. As I had been in “rough” (ie. non-leather) clothes it was also a good excuse to grab a pair of skinny leather jeans.

Believe it or not, this particular pair of black leather jeans nearly didn’t make it into my collection. Whilst wandering around a shopping centre during the sales, I happened to walk past an All Saints shop. At the time I was well aware of their leather collections but had yet to find anything that I deemed to be both a good fit for me and also at a reasonable price. Putting these two factors aside, I popped in to take a look just in case there happened to be something of interest to me.

As I was wandering around I noticed this particular pair of skinny leather jeans and went to take a look. To the positive the price was a lot more reasonable than I was expecting, but the leather didn’t feel exactly high quality. Instead it was rather coarse and looked as though it had been lying crumpled up in a corner for months. Not to be deterred I looked through to see if they had them in my size and to my amazement they did! I figured what did I have to lose by trying them on?

The matt look of the All Saints skinny leather jeans

Once I had wriggled into the jeans, the black leather took on a whole new texture. What I hadn’t realised when they were dangling limply on their hanger is that they were stretch leather – no wonder that they had looked a bit like a rough old rag! Now they felt considerably more softer than they had felt when I first touched them. Stepping out of the dressing room and looking in the mirror, I was so glad that I hadn’t just gone with my initial impulse of walking straight past the door without a second thought. Needless to say, they found their way into my collection.

Back to the present day and the weather had been rather dull and miserable for most of January. The afternoon I decided to wear these black leather jeans however, the sun was shining in to my bedroom, so I decided to go for gold details and accents starting with a gold satin shirt.

There is something delightful about the combination of leather and satin. They are both luxurious materials and they do work very well when worn together. On this occasion, the beautiful shine of the gold satin shirt was a striking contrast to the more matt look of the skinny leather jeans. A leather belt with a gold buckle just sealed the deal for my choice of colours.

Bronze leather Oxford brogues being tied whilst wearing my black leather driving gloves with cream leather detail

The next consideration was what I should put on my feet. Obviously I wanted to keep the golden theme going so chose one of my many pairs of Oxford shoes. This particular pair has some appealing brogue work around them which would be shown off nicely by the jeans. Indeed I love this pair of shoes so much I actually have them in several different colours. What can I say, other than: if the shoe fits…

My jacket choice wasn’t going to be a very difficult one. In fact I had a particular jacket in mind almost as soon as I had chosen to go with gold accents for my skinny leather jeans. This particular blazer by Betty Barclay has lovely golden-cream stitching detail around the pockets and seams, as well as the underside of the collar being made of cream leather – a lovely counterpoint to the black leather of the rest of the jacket. It is also lined with a gold satin that was very similar to that of the shirt.

The back of my black leather blazer  with cream collar and seam detailing

Finally I was left with only the gloves to get sorted. Once again, I had a pair in the back of my mind from the moment I started getting changed. This gorgeous pair by Oasis picked up on both the cream and black leather of the jacket. And with that, my skinny leather jeans suit was completed.

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Jacket: Betty Barclay
Jeans: All Saints
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Gloves: Oasis
Shoes: ASOS
Tie: Debenhams
Belt: ASOS

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Gold satin shirt and black leather driving gloves with cream leather detail
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