Traditional black leather trouser suit: A perfect and timeless classic

Close up detail on my classic black leather trouser suit by Jigsaw

I have a confession to make. The pictures of this classic black leather trouser suit were actually taken back in December 2016. That isn’t to say that I haven’t worn this combination again since, I just haven’t got any more recent pictures.

The first thing to note about this particular trouser suit is that the jacket and trousers were bought as a suit. They are were both in the same collection from Jigsaw. As a result not only they sit well with each other when worn together as a suit, but also both the texture and colour of the leathers are a perfect match.

You might not think that this is such a big deal, and whilst it might be more of a problem with leather colours other than black, you believe it or not, you see subtle differences in both colour and texture more in black leather. It is especially obvious when the shine is fractionally different between items. This is probably the biggest reason that my collection of leather clothes, especially black leather, is so vast.

The T.M. Lewin black pinstripe shirt that I wore with my classic black leather trousers suit

Choosing a shirt wasn’t difficult at all. It needed to be a formal button shirt that was a good tailored fit for me. Whilst a white shirt would have completed the very traditional look of this trouser suit, I went for a black shirt with pink and grey pin stripes. The lines on the shirt gave a striking juxtaposition to the beautiful big panels of black leather on the trousers.

This choice also allowed me to go for some more interesting coloured shoes. With the traditional styling that I had gone with up to this point, it had to be a pair of equally orthodox pair of lace up brogue shoes that would do any Saville Row suit proud. I did want a different colour to black, but nothing too loud – my socks did that when I flashed them.

Luckily, I have quite a selection of shoes that could fit the bill covering just about the entire rainbow and often in multiple shades just to make sure. The pair that really leapt out for me were these marbled grey brogues with a lighter grey on the toe cap. This tied in nicely with the grey pinstripes in the shirt and also helped with my choice of tie.

Mottled grey leather lace up brogue shoes by Asos that I wore with my classic black leather trouser suit by Jigsaw

An obvious choice for gloves to wear with such a conventionally styled trouser suit would be either a three-point or completely plain black leather pair. Being the rebel that I am, I always have to buck the trend somehow and this time I did it with my glove choice. In amongst my extensive collection of leather gloves I have quite the range of driving gloves. These range from the totally traditional to some slightly more unusual pairs.

Traditional driving gloves, and most gloves for that fact, have internal seams. This gives a very sleek and smooth look, especially on the fingers. This is all well and good when you are using kid skin or other thin leathers. The pair that I chose to wear with this suit were made of deer skin. This is much thicker than most leather used for making gloves. For this reason, they have external seams.

Now this would look totally out of place with a thinner leather, but I think it adds to the aesthetic of the glove. That probably explains why I have this style of glove not only in the black that I chose, but also in dark green and dark red. The reason I went for this particular pair was how well they matched the shine and texture of my black leather trouser suit. Also the weight of the leather complemented the rest of the leather.

Close up detail on black leather belt, black leather deer skin gloves and tie that I wore with my classic black leather trouser suit by Jigsaw

My final decisions were about the belt and tie. As I mentioned earlier, The blueish silver tie was almost decided for me by the choice of shoes, but the three silver stud fastenings on the gloves sealed the deal. With so many silver details, it had to be a black leather belt with a not-too-fancy buckle. With those final two details sorted, my black leather trouser suit was good to go.

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Jacket: Jigsaw
Jeans: Jigsaw
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Gloves: Dents
Shoes: Asos
Tie: Vannotensa
Belt: Hobbs

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