Sexy vintage leather mini dress: Leather truly lasts a lifetime

Pandora posing in her vintage black leather mini dress by Dents

I have occasionally been asked if my leather is real. My typical answer is “Of course it is!” Over the years I have had a few items of faux, vegan, imitation leather or whatever happens to be the de rigueur term, but unlike this vintage leather mini dress, it has never lasted.

You cannot deny that some faux leather does look very good and used to be considerably cheaper than the real thing. The problem I have with it is that after a few wears, it will start to loose its shape, begin peeling and eventually disintegrate. Real leather on the other hand, if it is well cared for, will last a lifetime. This vintage leather mini dress from the 60s is the perfect example of how good quality leather will last.

Reverse view of my vintage Dent's black leather mini dress over the knee boots and skin tight gloves

This dress is a good number of years older than me and is still in gorgeous condition. The silver detail on the press stud fastenings is still beautifully shiny and no repairs have been needed at the pockets or any seams. All of this means that both myself and the previous owners of this mini dress took good care of it, cleaning and conditioning it regularly to maintain its lustre.

Another amazing thing about the dress is the suede on the inside. It is unlined and over years and many wears, suede can polish up to become leather itself. This hasn’t happened in this case and the inside of the dress is just as soft and creamy as it would have been when it was first sold all those years ago.

Close up of the button detail on my vintage black leather mini dress by Dent's

With the length of this vintage leather dress just covering what it needs to, as was the style back in the 60s, I thought that the perfect footwear would be a pair of over the knee boots. Obviously some silverware on them would be preferable to pick up on the silver flower studs on the dress, so I picked out this delicious pair of Aldo black leather boots with buckled ankle cuff detail. The block heel on them gives a nice stability and weight to them, offsetting the lightness of the dress and femininity of the gloves.

Black leather gloves with ruched cuff detail

The gloves were chosen entirely by happenstance, despite also being by Dents. I had found them to go with another outfit, but never wore them. Rather lazily, I didn’t bother to put them away, but instead left them out on the side in my dressing room. Having slipped into the dress and donned the boots, I noticed this particular pair of black leather gloves sat on the side, so I grabbed them on the off chance that they would work. What do you know, they were just right and there you have my complete vintage leather mini dress outfit.


Dress: Dents
Boots: Aldo
Gloves: Dents

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Black leather over the knee thigh high boots with buckle straps at the ankle

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