No green eyed monsters, just beautiful black and green leather

Feeling good in my black leather suit with green dobby spot shirt and green leather gloves

Sometimes when I am looking through my collection of shirts, one will leap out at me and I can envision my whole outfit. That is exactly what happened with this dobby spot green shirt: on first sight it made me think of at least two pairs of complimentary green leather gloves which I own, and from there a vision of the complete suited look formed in my mind.

The first time I saw this particular shirt online I was a little dubious about the colour. I always find light green can drain the colour from my face leaving me looking even more pale than I naturally am. I had been looking for just the right colour green shirt for a while and luckily for me this one was just my kind of green.

Straightening my tie with my green leather gloves

I remember when I got the shirt, the factor that convinced my to keep it was that I had a couple of pairs of teal green leather gloves that perfectly matched the colour of the shirt. Having decided to wear this particular shirt it seemed like a sensible choice to wear one or other of them with the outfit. The first pair out had a very nice set of dirty gold eyelets at the cuffs and the other was completely plain. I couldn’t decide which pair would be the most perfect at that moment so I went on to refine the other little details before finally deciding.

It might not surprise you that in amongst my collection of ties I have a few loud and slightly zany ones that I have picked up over the years. One such tie sprang to mind because of the teal green hints that it had in it. Holding it up against the shirt, it looked ideal which lead me smoothly on to the cufflinks.

When I first started wearing cufflink shirts, I was given a cufflink and tie pin set by my dad. The multicoloured chips of blue, teal and green picked up perfectly on the colours in the tie and complemented the pattern on the shirt. By proxy, this dictated that the correct pair of gloves were the plain teal green leather ones as the cufflinks and tie pin had a bright gold mount visible rather than the dirty gold of the other pair.

A statement belt with a large gold buckle works well with my black leather trousers and teal green leather gloves

This bright gold detail also brought to mind a pair of black leather trousers that would probably be spot on. They had gold zip details on the front pockets and wide belt loops for a statement belt. Turns out that once again my first choice was the right one, and I knew exactly which belt would work as well so I went straight for that and admired just how well this particular leather trouser suit was coming together.

With only the jacket and footwear left to go, I decided to start at the bottom as I was nearest to my shoe cupboards rather than the ones that hold my jackets. Once again, a pair of shoes sprang to mind. Naturally some statement gold detail would be a good choice and right at the front of my first shoe cupboard were these lovely black leather loafers. Slipping into them they sat perfectly with the trousers so once more, that was decision made.

Black leather loafers with gold chain sabot strap by Mango

Now it was the turn of the jacket. I had an inkling as to which one to choose, but wasn’t as certain this time. This particular pair of leather trousers are very soft so one of my softer single button blazers seemed like the logical choice, but most of these are medium length and therefore would cover the nicely form fitting posterior.

This wouldn’t do, so my thoughts turned to black leather jacket with rather boxy shoulders that I had bought on a whim but wasn’t always easy to find the right outfit to wear it with. This time the more square cut of the jacket offset the curviness of the trousers and finished off my black and green leather trouser suit perfectly.

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Jacket: Mango
Trousers: Karen Millen
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Gloves: Anne Klein
Shoes: Schuh
Belt: Vintage
Tie: Vintage

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Checking my tie and lapels in the mirror with my teal green leather gloves
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