Leather combat trousers: Sexy and sporty

Ready to go in my black leather combat trousers

Wearing leather suits is all well and good, but it is sometimes nice to show off my abs from time to time given all the time I have put in to keeping myself in shape. I usually end up wearing these leather combat trousers with a jumper or rugged shirt but thought that I’d ring the changes and pair them with an orange cropped top and matching leather trainers.

Ornage cropped top and black leather combat trousers to show off my abs

It’s rather surprising that these combat trousers are by Florence and Fred – a brand mostly associated with Tesco and Next with a penchant for using imitation leather. Needless to say these pants are 100% real leather. If they weren’t, they would never have found their way in to my collection. And I’m so glad that they are real because I don’t have anything else like them.

When I was younger, I used to do a lot of hill walking and loved the fact that my walking trousers had so many pockets to keep things in. Fast forward to the present day, and I still love to have proper sized pockets in my trousers, whether I use them or not. ALl too often, womens trousers have tiny, useless pockets that are only there for show.

I think there is something very satisfying about knowing that I don’t have to rely on someone else to carry my bits and bobs for me, or cart everything around in an oversized handbag that will end up giving me back trouble. That being said, I have never used any of the pockets on these. I really don’t want to spoil the shape of them with lumps and bumps from my keys, wallet or tissues.

Zip detail on one of the leg pockets on my black leather combat trousers

As a lot of my collection of leather clothing is vintage or second hand, I find that I have to alter or repair many of the items before I can wear them myself. This particular pair of leather combat trousers have always been a little bit large for me, but having got into a good regular exercise routine, I went to put them on recently and found that they literally dropped off me. I was gutted because they are unique in my collection. I wasn’t going to put back on the weight I’d worked so hard to get rid of, so my only option was to either sell them (which I really didn’t want to) or alter them to fit.

Reverse angle on my black leather combat trousers

I chose the latter and after a weekend of carefully unpicking the side seams, cutting out the excess leather and then re-sewing them by hand, I managed to get my leather combat trousers to fit me again. They are still a little oversized, but that doesn’t really matter much because I like the fact that they sit on my hips and I get to show off the abs that I exercise hard for.

After all of my hard work, both with exercise and stitching, it seemed appropriate to team these black leather combat trousers with a cropped top and finish off the sporty look with a pair of leather trainers that were a spot on colour match for the top. Having finalised my outfit, I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun in front of the camera and getting a bit sporty with some of my poses.

Bright orange leather trainers to contrast with my black leather combat trousers

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Trousers: Florence + Fred
Top: Topshop
Trainers: Even&Odd

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Black leather combat trousers with orange leather trainers and cropped top
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