Sunning myself in beautiful black and blue leather

Looking sharp in my black and blue leather suit enjoying the sun

On the first sunny and warm day of 2021, I thought that I’d make the most of the lovely weather and head out into my garden to catch a bit of sun. Obviously I did this in my own inimitable way: dressed top to toe in a black and blue leather suit. What can I say? It was the end of February and there was still a slight chill in the air.

The blue sky was just screaming out for an outfit to complement it and it was for this reason I chose one of my shirts by Hawes and Curtis. This particular shirt felt rather appropriate as the pink and light blue stripes made me think of the spring flowers that were coming in to bloom and the cloudless blue sky that I had been missing all winter. Once I slipped this on, I thought I’d look at my leather gloves and see if I had any blue leather gloves that would match the shirt.

Adjusting my silver tie with my blue leather gloves

As luck would have it I did, so I picked them out as well as blue leather belt in case that would go with whatever pair of leather trousers I chose to wear. It also occurred to me that I had a pair of ankle boots in a very similar, if not identical colour to the gloves so I bore those in mind too as I hunted for the right pair of leather trousers.

For a long time I have categorised my collection of leather clothes into everyday wear, moderately good and the best. The final section that I mentioned is exclusively for indoor wear whilst items in the other two categories I am happy to wear out and about depending on the occasion. On this occasion, as I was heading outside to have a wander round my garden, I decided to go for some “everyday wear” trousers and boots. There are a good number of birds that reside around my garden and I didn’t want to damage any of my leather if one of them decided to “do its business” whilst I was wandering.

Pointed toe blue leather ankle boots to perfectly match my gloves

With my boots, trousers, shirt, gloves, belt and tie all decided, there was only one more part of my leather suit to finalise. The all important jacket. Knowing that my trousers weren’t exactly premium quality and not the shiniest of leathers, and most of my black leather jackets are both soft and shiny, I thought that it would be more prudent to go for a different colour of jacket so that the difference in texture and the like wasn’t as obvious.

Adjusting my cuffs so that my blue leather gloves sit neatly with my shirt and jacket cuffs

In the end, my choice was a beautiful navy blue leather blazer. As you can see, the colour of the blazer was the perfect complement to both the gloves and the shirt, creating a nice harmony between the strong blues and the sumptuous black.

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Trousers: Leslie Ash
Jacket: Marks and Spencer
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Tie: Vannotensa
Belt: H&M
Boots: New Look
Gloves: Marks and Spencer

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Glossy black leather trousers paired with blue stripe shirt and blue leather gloves
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02 comments on “Sunning myself in beautiful black and blue leather

  • Robert B. , Direct link to comment

    In one of your online commentaries you asked “is there anybody who likes leather the way I do?” Or something to that effect. Oh yah.

    There is one element that I think is very provocative about leather that many commentators seem to overlook — the sound of it when a person moves in leather. Many note the look, the feel, the smell, but I believe sound is a very subtle component of this profoundly stimulating material. I call it a “crush” and remember a fashion ad from years ago when a female model was wearing a black leather coat dress. The advertisement pointed out that the wearer could experience “the crush of rich leather.” In terms of your presentations, especially the black leather pants suits that I find extremely arousing, I can only imagine what it sounds like when you move.



    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      I absolutely get what you mean about the creek and crush of leather. That is the one thing that can’t be caught in a still image. I am hoping to get a bit more proficient with sound and video recording so that I can capture that aspect of my leather for the discerning aficionado. Many thanks, Pandora

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