Ralph Lauren: My perfect fit leather jeans

Hot pink leather blazer that I paired with my Ralph Lauren black leather jeans

There are some items in my collection that I covet above others. This can be for any number of reason. The label, the colour, the style, the texture or the fit to name just a few. This particular pair of black leather jeans by Ralph Lauren fit into three of those aforementioned categories.

Whilst there is nothing unusual about a pair of black leather jeans in my collection, this particular pair are not only exquisitely soft and glisten in the sun like an oil slick, but they are also just about the most perfect fit on me. When I got them many years ago, this came as rather a surprise as not only do Ralph Lauren tend to cut ladies trousers and jeans a little on the skinny side (they are definitely designed with a leaner woman in mind), but they are not stretch leather.

Gold arrow belt with my Ralph Lauren black leather jeans

One would expect stretch leather to be the perfect fit. By it’s very nature the material is designed to contour itself to your shape. Non stretch leather will do that over time, but the result tends to be slightly baggy knees and a mildly distorted waistband and hip area. I have some leather jeans that have gone this way through many wears when I wasn’t quite the right size and shape for them. The black leather used for this particular pair are of such creamy soft nappa leather that I was worried that I would be only be able to wear them a handful of times before they were warped out of shape.

Pristine white leather Adidas trainers with my perfectly fitting Ralph Lauren black leather jeans

Fortunately that hasn’t been the case and they still fit me as beautifully as they did when I first got them. Also being short legged, it allows me to choose an item of footwear to show off. On this occasion, I decided on a pair of pristine white leather Gazelle trainers by Adidas. As I have mentioned before, white leather is notorious for picking up dirt, but such a delicious pair of black leather jeans as these Ralph Lauren ones are, it only seemed right to pick some footwear in an of equally perfect condition.

With the bottom half sorted out, I wanted to add a bit of colour to brighten up the monochrome. The shirt that caught my eye was a lovely pink and white striped one by Hawes and Curtis. This seemed like the ideal choice as the pink really stood out from the black. Being a double cuff shirt, I needed some cufflinks, and with the gold buckle on my belt, black and gold seemed to be the way to go. Luckily I had a gold tie pin to go with them so the next logical decision to make was the tie.

Black leather tassel cuff gloves by Dents with my Hawes and Curtis pink stripe shirt

I’ve long been a fan of a Double Windsor knot for my tie. There are a number of reasons for that, but I won’t ramble on about them here. On this occasion, I thought I’d try something different and found a list of tie knots with instructions on how to tie them. I originally settled on the Fishbone knot, but I couldn’t quite get this to sit quite right with the collar, so I took out one of the pairs of loops and ended up with an Eldredge knot instead. Not bad for my first real foray into necktie styling if I do say so myself.

An Eldridge tie knot with my pink leather blazer and pink stripe shirt

My final decisions were not difficult ones. It seemed silly not to keep the pink tones from the shirt going with a matching pink leather jacket. As an added bonus, the jacket I chose was a short one so I could show off just how perfectly the Ralph Lauren jeans fitted me. Plus it framed the turquoise satin tie that I had chosen. The gloves obviously had to be an equally sublime fit, and the flamboyant tassel cuffs on these black leather gloves added a final flourish to my outfit.

Black leather gloves standing off my pink leather blazer

And with those details finalised, the delectable shine and amazing fit of the entire suit was complete. My only regret is that I don’t have multiple pairs of these Ralph Lauren jeans. For more pictures of this exquisite outfit including some close-ups of the finer details, head over to either my OnlyFans or OnlyFans page and consider subscribing.


Jacket: Liz Claiborne
Jeans: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Trainers: Adidas
Gloves: Dents
Tie: Unknown
Belt: Asos

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Making sure that my tie is perfect
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