Black leather catsuit perfection: Pandora takes on the Avengers

Channelling the The Avengers in a pin stripe suit and custom made black leather catsuit

Over the years I have often been asked about who has inspired my fashion choices. This is quite a tricky question because I like to think that my style is all my own. When I really stop to think about it though, there are a few women who often spring to mind as iconic leather and suit wearers. One is Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics – the music videos for Sweet Dreams and Thorn in My Side are forever etched on my brain. The other is the inimitable black leather catsuit-wearing Mrs Peel as played by the late, great Diana Rigg.

As a style icon she had a big say in her costumes for The Avengers TV series. Fun fact – she only wore a real leather catsuit for her first series. The rest of the time you see the catsuit, it is actually faux leather as it gave her more mobility to do the things that Emma Peel did best. Since first becoming aware of Diana Rigg in her leather catsuit I have wanted my own version, and in 2007 that dream became a reality.

My custom made black leather catsuit

Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything that really fit the bill for my perfect black leather catsuit over here in the UK. The measurements of the off-the-peg ones never quite matched up, and custom made was prohibitively expensive for me back then. Having nearly given up hope of ever getting one, I stumbled across Crazy Outfits, a shop in Germany that did custom made clothes by mail order and within my budget. After a bit of too-ing and fro-ing I finally got my hands on the leather catsuit you see here.

Since getting my catsuit, I have always loved slipping into it and enjoying its perfect fit, even after all these years . Yes it is starting to show a little bit of wear and tear on the wrist zips, but I can’t fault the quality of the leather and fit. One such occasion, I had been rewatching some of the old Avengers episodes and thought that it might be fun to do a photoshoot as Mrs Peel. The idea spiralled a bit and we ended up nearly recreating the entire title sequence with me dressing as both Mrs Peel and her crime-fighting partner John Steed.

Close up on my custom made black leather catsuit

The only frustration was that I didn’t have a pinstripe suit in black leather. I did however have a three piece linen suit that fitted the bill and with the help of an umbrella and gerbera I was ready to go and have some fun paying tribute to a classic British television series. For more pictures from my tribute to The Avengers TV series, head over to my OnlyFans page and subscribe.


Catsuit: Crazy Outfits
Gloves: Marks and Spencer
Boots: Kit

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07 comments on “Black leather catsuit perfection: Pandora takes on the Avengers

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Beautiful women look : sassy , foxy & ultra-sexy when crossed dressed into menswear as shown. There is a German-American in N.Y.C. that makes custom leather garments including both men’s & women’s leather pinstripe cowboy pants that look like Roy Rogers’ Nudie Cohn designed wool stirrup cowboy pants. Her last name is Behr ( ? ).Besides Emma Peel’s leather airman flight suits; Diana looked super in her stretch , synthetic catsuits too.). Jane Russel dresses as Hopalong Cassidy in ” Son of Paleface ” Jane knocks out Roy Rogers but fails to steal his fancier cowboy outfit for herself to wear too. ( 1952 ). In 1968 ; a sequel-like to Jane Russell’s outlaw cross-dressing is Barbara Rhoades dressed in an outlaw cowboy outfit and wearing the first pair of brown ” jeggings ” ; she looks great in those tight jeans & tall suede riding boots !

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      There are some iconic suited and booted women out there, especially in classic Western films. I will have to check out “Son of Paleface” – Thanks for the recommendation, Pandora

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    P.S. Your ” John Steed ” style is O.K. . Women love wearing men’s three piece suits , shoes & bowler in John Steed’s fashion as shown here.

  • Fashion AvengerMe too ! , Direct link to comment

    Wished Diana Rigg as Emma Peel had worn John Steed’s type outfits occasionally like you .

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