100% beautiful brown leather: Chocolatey comfort

My beautiful brown leather shirt by Joseph

Out of all of the items I have in my collection, the ones that get the least wear are the leather tops and shirts. Take this brown leather shirt for example. Since getting it back in 2004, I have probably worn it only a handful of times. The only reason I can think of for this is that leather shirts aren’t exactly practical for doing much other than looking good in!

When looking through my collection, as I have a tendency to do from time to time, I noticed that this chocolate brown leather shirt by Joseph hadn’t seen the light of day in nearly two years! This was the perfect reason to get it out and build a whole outfit based around it. So off I went to my explore what I might slip on my bottom half with it.

Elasticated and tie front on my chocolate brown leather jogging pants

This shirt is, in reality, a little bit on the big side for me. As a result, I tend to wear it tucked out rather than trying to shove it into a waist band an risk permanently creasing up such beautifully soft leather. This time though, I thought it would be nice to see if I could find something to tuck it in to. Whatever I chose, it needed to be a comfortable fit but not too baggy everywhere.

As I was thumbing through my wardrobes, I remembered a pair of brown leather jogging pants that I got from Asos a few years ago. Off I went to grab them and see if they were a reasonable colour match. It turned out that not only were they the same chocolate brown colour, but the elasticated waist and tie cord meant that I could get the perfect balance between hold up the trousers and crushing the shirt. The tapered leg with elasticated ankles also meant that they weren’t going to be a baggy mess at the bottom either.

Deliciously chocolatey brown leather jogging pants

With the elasticated ankles, I took the opportunity to wear a pair of boots with details that might otherwise get hidden up. The chocolate brown tones of the leather drew me towards a similar colour, but once I tried on my first choice of boots, I looked like I’d just fallen into a vat of chocolate. This might sound delicious, but it really didn’t work as well as I had hopped. I turned my attention to lighter browns and tans and that brought forth the perfect pair of boots.

Beige leather heeled boots by River Island

It just so happened that I had a pair of ankle boots in a complimentary shade of mushroom leather with gold buckles. They sat perfectly with the brown leather jogging pants and gave a lovely contrast with their colour. I also had a few pairs of glove in a very similar shade so that made them all the more perfect.

Having got out the various pairs of gloves that I thought would go, I settled on a pair of driving style leather gloves by Dents in a matching shade to the boots with beige leather piping detail on them. And with that final detail sorted, I was ready to go in my sporty chocolate brown leather outfit, not that I was going to be doing anything to energetic in it.

Two tone beige leather driving gloves by Dents

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Trousers: Asos
Shirt: Joseph
Boots: River Island
Gloves: Dents

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Looking good in my chocolate brown leather shirt and jogging pants
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02 comments on “100% beautiful brown leather: Chocolatey comfort

  • Keith Wheeler , Direct link to comment

    Hello Pandora,
    Thank you for sharing your passion for leather. The dedication in collecting and care you show in selecting your outfits is an inspiration!
    Best regards, Keith

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      Thank you for your kind words Keith. I’m glad you enjoy looking at my content as much as I enjoy putting the outfits together and photographing them

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