Luscious leather bra top and hipsters: Feeling fantastic in passionate purple

My black leather bra top with matching long black leather gloves and purple leather gloves

Leather tops are one item I have a good number of in my collection but don’t wear nearly as often as I really should. This is mostly because of my broad shoulders. I got this black leather bra top in the 2020 Christmas sales as a blind buy. Having owned the top for five months, I thought that I really should put it on, even if I did cover it with a jumper or the like.

When my parcel of goodies from Zara arrived and I get everything out, I was a bit worried about whether or not the bra top would fit me. The zip was short and didn’t go the full height of the top. Even with the elasticated back panel, I was concerned that my shoulders would be too broad to get into the top. And if I could get into the top, would I be able to get out of it again without damaging it. To my relief, it wasn’t that much of a struggle and once in the bra top, and having adjusted myself, I thought it looked quite good on me.

I finally found an opportunity to wear it on a sunny but cold day. To add a bit of colour to the outfit, I picked out a similarly soft pair of hipster trousers by Joseph in a beautiful royal purple leather. I wasn’t sure about this combination as the bra top was a little skimpy, but I decided to see what I could do with it anyway.

Picking out a killer pair of heels I looked in the mirror to decide it I was happy with the outfit or whether I wanted to change the bra top for one of my other tops. The advantage of changing my top was that despite being the middle of May, it was rather chilly. On the other hand, it gave me the perfect excuse to pull on a pair of my long leather gloves.

Perfect black leather stiletto court shoes by FCUK

Choosing the latter of the two options, I started looking through my long leather gloves and pulled out a couple of pairs. One of which was a beautiful purple colour. Alas, they were no were near the same colour as the leather hipsters. They weren’t even a nice contrast. I put them away and went for choice number two, good old reliable black leather.

This pair of gloves are absolutely exquisite. Made by Gloves Europe, they are of the softest, unlined leather and are the perfect fit not only on my hands, but right the way up my arm. They are so lovely that I have them in both black and red. Sliding my hands into the gloves I sensed that my outfit was complete. When I turned around to look at myself in the mirror, I really liked what I saw.

Beautifully soft black leather opera gloves

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Bra top: Zara
Hipsters: Joseph
Shoes: French Connection
Gloves: Gloves Europe

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Feeling fabulous in my black leather bra top, purple leather trousers and long black leather gloves
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