The sky’s the limit! My rainbow-accented leather suit for Pride 2021

The sky is the limit in my rainbow leather suit and satin stripe shirt

June is of course Pride Month. Like last year, I was hoping to attend a Pride event to celebrate, but many have been cancelled for the second year running owing to the pandemic. Not to be deterred, I got my brightest rainbow-styled clothes out to elevate one of my trademark black leather suits for this photoshoot, which ironically was cancelled itself a few times itself due to the wet June weather we have been suffering.

The idea for this outfit actually came from the amazing Adidas Superstar trainers you see below. I picked these up in the January sales, along with a matching pair in black, and had always been intending to wear one pair or the other to a Pride event in the summer as part of my leather suit.

Rainbow leather trainers by Adidas

With the rainbow leather stripes on my trainers, it seemed only appropriate to have a rainbow striped shirt as well. The best choice in my wardrobe was this satin one by Hawes & Curtis. With its striking orange, red, yellow and blue stripes, this really stood out to me when I first saw it. Still, two rainbow colours are missing from it: green and purple.

As green is present on the trainers, I wondered if I could make up for the lack of purple with my necktie. Previously I would have never thought to try a purple tie with this already-colourful shirt, but serendipitously I think it works really well.

Having covered all the colours, the trousers and jacket had to be pure black leather. Last year I did a different kind of “rainbow leather” photo shoot to celebrate Pride, and because that leather suit worked so well, it seemed appropriate to go with the same one again this year.

This left only the gloves. I wanted something a bit flamboyant but not garish. A bright colour seemed a bit overkill because I didn’t want to take away from the stripes of colour in the rainbow leather trainers and satin shirt. As with the suit, black leather was the way I wanted to go. The pair that sprung to mind aren’t a pair of gloves that I would usually wear with a suit as they have a lovely bow at the wrist which is often hidden by the shirt cuffs or blazer sleeves.

Beautiful studded bowtie detail on my black leather gloves as I straighten my tie

Some gloves with bows can be very feminine, but the silver stud detailing on the bow really makes these look tough. They are also the perfect texture and colour match for the black leather suit.

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Trousers: Jigsaw
Trainers: Adidas
Gloves: Dents
Jacket: Jigsaw
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Tie: St. George by Duffer
Sunglasses: H&M

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Standing proud in an all black leather suit to show off my rainbow stripe satin shirt
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