Windswept and interesting in skinny leather leggings

Trying to keep out of the wind in my black skinny leather leggings

I do love my black leather. It is probably about the easiest colour to get, but there is something deliciously seductive about it. When I stumbled across this pair of skinny leather leggings on eBay a while ago, even though they weren’t in the best-looking condition, I just had to add them to my collection.

They weren’t the first pair of black leather leggings I had in my collection either. In fact that is a collection in its own right! What caught my eye were the ankle zips. Unlike many pairs of my leather leggings, aside from the pairs that I have tailored myself, these are not made of stretch leather. This means that a perfect fit has to be achieved some other way. The zips allow the trousers to be properly tapered at the ankles but you can still take them off without ripping the leather.

Comfortable black leather platform shoes by FCUK that I wore with my skinny black leather leggings

With the black leather leggings being a lovely skinny fit and not too long in the leg either, I decided to wear one of my most comfy pairs of stiletto shoes. Being honest, I didn’t have my usual choice as I was away from home and had do be be choosy about what I packed. These shoes by French Connection, despite being 4.5 inches tall, have a nice platform that takes the relative height of the heel down to a comfortable 3 inches. This is perfect for my small feet and means that they are comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

When I’m travelling, I tend to take a capsule wardrobe with me. This means that every item can be worn with everything else. Because of this I often keep to black accessories and this time was no different. No capsule wardrobe is complete without a pair of Dents black leather driving gloves, and as the weather was cold and windy to say the least, it made sense to wear these. This also allowed me to show off one of my many watches.

Beautiful skin tight black leather driving gloves by Dents

The one mistake that I did make with my packing this time around, was not having a sexy, long sleeved top. As lovely as this top by Miss Selfridge is, it is short sleeved and low cut, which is not ideal when you are posing for photos on top of a windswept hill in the middle of West Yorkshire. This didn’t stop me from taking off the jacket so I could show off the bum on the skinny leather leggings.

Wandering around the hilltop, I decided to brave the wind to get some pictures of me against the amazing view. It was a little hair-raising when standing atop a five foot wall with an eight foot drop the other side, but I think it was a view worth sharing and every angle on this outfit is worth getting!

A nicely fitting black pinstripe jacket covering the top of my skinny leather leggings

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Leggings: Mango
Top: Miss Selfridge
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: FCUK
Gloves: Dents
Watch: Pulsar
Sunglasses: BLOC

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Admiring the view on a windswept day wearing my skinny leather leggings by Mango
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