Tearing up the road in a perfect black leather pant suit

Feeling powerful in my black leather trouser suit

There is something beautiful about heading out in one of my black leather pant suits. I know that I look great, and I feel empowered – ready to take on the world. For want of a better turn of phrase, a black leather trouser suit is my armour.

Having said that, this isn’t a leather suit in the truest sense of the word. That would imply that the leather trousers and jacket were bought at the same time, from the same label and have a complementary cut. As is often the case with my leather suits, they were bought at different times and are from different labels – the jacket is by Marks and Spencer, the trousers are by Jigsaw.

The tailored jacket that forms part of my perfect black leather pant suit

Despite this, they are a perfect match, which is why this is probably why this combination is about my favourite black leather pant suit. Both the jacket and pants feel tailormade for me. The shine of them is delightful and they have such sharp lines.

This time out, I decided to go for a pastel striped shirt by Hawes and Curtis. Initially I wasn’t exactly enamoured by the baby blue and dusty pink stripes when I first laid eyes on this shirt: they brought to mind a pair of pajamas! However, it was on offer at bargain price which encouraged to add it to my basket in order to get free shipping. If it wasn’t quite right, at least I could return it, which cannily was cheaper than paying for postage for the initial order.

The perfect fit of my black leather trousers by Jigsaw

When the shirts all arrived and I started trying them on with my typical black leather trouser suit, I quickly changed my mind about this shirt and decided to keep it. After all, what is the harm of having one more good fitting shirt in my collection?

For my accessories, I didn’t want to go for the obvious black leather gloves, but rather something to pick up on the colours in the shirt. Pink seemed a little incongruous so the other option was blue leather. I chose this pair of silk lined, dark blue leather gloves by Dents to pick up on the dark blue spotty tie I was sporting. The white spots on the tie also dictated that I needed a silver cufflinks, tiepin and belt buckle.

Skintight dark blue leather gloves by Dents and silver stripe cufflinks

Finally I was ready to head out with the exception of something on my feet. As my plan for the day was to head out in my sports car for a day of shopping, my footwear needed to be supremely comfortable and hard-wearing. A pair of lace-up black leather ankle boots by Topshop that emulated the style of Dr. Martins were the perfect choice.

Grabbing a pair of sunglasses, my handbag and the keys, I headed out of the door to turn a few heads whilst hunting out some more leathery bargains.

Comfortabl black leather ankle boots by Topshop

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Trousers: Jigsaw
Jacket: Marks and Spencer
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Belt: Jeff Banks
Tie: Debenhams
Boots: Topshop
Gloves: Dents

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Behind the wheel of my sports car in my black leather pant suit
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