Perfect black leather tuxedo: Classic Hollywood top hat and bowtie

Feeling like Fred Astaire in my perfect black leather tuxedo

Some evenings I feel like “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and getting dressed up for the evening even if I’m staying at home. These black leather trousers and short jacket make the perfect leather tuxedo combination. I can just imagine Fred Astaire dancing around on a Hollywood stage in this outfit. Well maybe not Fred, but you get the idea.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love a good fitting leather jacket. This particular short jacket by Oasis has a really strong shoulder line. Having rather broad shoulders as it is, I find that this style flatters my shape, especially when the jacket sits exactly at my waist and allows me to show off the amazingly soft leather of the leather suit pants.

My homemade black leather bowtie that I wore with my black leather tuxedo

Once again, I picked up these vintage leather trousers at a bargain price for their quality. When Jaeger were trading, I found that a lot of their tailoring was a little more generous around the hips and seat area. This is mostly because they used to cater for a more mature market. As much as I adore the way that a pair of close fitting leather pants look and feel, for me, a pair of classically styled trousers wants to be a little more roomy. The roominess in these black leather trousers balanced the close fit of the jacket giving me the silhouette I imagine when I think of a leather tuxedo.

As I don’t have a wing collar shirt that would traditionally be worn with a tuxedo, I chose the next best thing, which was a crisp white shirt by T.M. Lewin. With a homemade black leather bowtie, my leather tuxedo started to come together nicely, so it was the finishing touches that needed sorting out.

The silver sequin and white leather loafers by Geox that I wore with my black leather tuxedo

My next stop was my shoe cupboard, or more accurately the new pairs that I picked up on my last shopping trip that have yet to find a home. One pair stood out to me. These were a pair of white leather loafers with a silver buckle and sequins across the whole of the upper and vamp. When I saw these in T.K. Maxx, I immediately thought of wearing them as part of a leather tuxedo. The way the sequins caught the light and fact that I have nothing like them meant that I just had to add these amazing shoes to my collection.

The final details were a top hat, gloves and dressage cane. Alas the top hat is only felt as I have yet to find a leather top hat, or bowler hat in fact, that I like the look of without breaking the bank. The gloves on the other hand were a very simple choice. With the suppleness of the leather of both the jacket and trousers, I had to have a pair of gloves with a similar feel. I could have gone for white or off-white leather if I’d wanted, but the black seemed somehow more fitting.

Perfectly fitting gloves by Lakeland Leather that matched perfectly with my black leather tuxedo

My choice of gloves was one of the first pairs that I ever purchased for myself. Over the years, this completely plain pair of black leather gloves by Lakeland have moulded perfectly to my hand. They have also maintained their softness and shine. This made them the perfect choice for this outfit.

Grabbing my leather riding cane I was ready to hit the set of a classic Hollywood MGM musical. In hindsight, the one thing that I could have added to this leather tuxedo was a white silk scarf. Maybe I’ll save that detail for the next time that I don a tuxedo.

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Jacket: Oasis
Trousers: Jaeger
Shirt: T.M. Lewin
Shoes: Geox
Bowtie: Homemade
Hat: DH
Gloves: Lakeland
Belt: Marks and Spencer

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Tipping my top hat whilst feeling very dapper in my black leather tuxedo
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