Antiqued green leather pants and cosy fur jacket on a blissful autumn day

My Ralph Lauren green leather pants and cosy vintage wolf fur jacket

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. As the nights draw in and the leaves start to turn, we are occasionally treated to bright days when the sun rides high in a cloudless sky. Unlike summer though, there is a nip in the air that signals the coming of winter. I took advantage of just such a day to don my wolf fur jacket and a pair of antiqued green leather jeans by Ralph Lauren, and take a walk in the local woods.

Much of my leather clothing collection is made from nappa and split skin leather. I do have some more exotic skins, but these particular leather pants do stand out when it comes to texture. They are actually made of full skin cow hide – the same as motorcycle leathers. This means that there are some more obvious irregularities in the leather. They are also very thick – perfect for an autumn afternoon walk.

The brass stud and stitching detail on my Ralph Lauren green leather pants

There is however one minor drawback to these leather jeans: whilst they are beautifully soft on the outside, as you would expect from Ralph Lauren, they are unlined. This allows the rougher texture of the suede on the inside to rub against your legs. This is quite nice during a casual wander, but I wouldn’t really want to ride a bike wearing them, or worse still, take a spill.

Aside from the rough inner suede there are also the lovely antique brass studs and lacing detail up the outside of the legs. This really does further set these leather pants apart from the other pairs I have in my collection. The only pairs that are in any way similar are a pair of side lace leather biker jeans by Hein Gericke, a pair of deer skin leather hipsters with antler buttons up the legs, and a pair of side-laced fashion trousers, both by Ralph Lauren. No doubt I will show some (if not all) these off in a future photo set.

the snake-print leather toe caps on my brown leather cowgirl boots that I wore with my Ralph Lauren green leather pants and cosy vintage wolf fur jacket

Originally, I was going to wear these leather pants with a pair of green leather boots by Micheal Kors, but when I realised just how nice it was outside, I changed my mind and instead chose a pair of cowgirl-style boots. These are boots that I know I can walk around in all day. The snake-print leather toe cap and two-tone foot and sock on the boots is what caught my eye with them. The dark chocolate brown really suited the forest green of the trousers and the heel made sure that the ankles wouldn’t drag along the ground.

Picking up on the cowgirl theme of the boots, I chose a vintage brown suede leather belt with a cow head buckle. I’d almost completely forgotten about this particular belt until I took a couple of days to sort through and catalogue my belt collection.

A vintage suede leather cowgirl belt worked perfectly with my Ralph Lauren green leather pants and cosy vintage wolf fur jacket

I had already chosen my jacket. With a bit of a nip in the air and no chance of rain, it had to be my gorgeous vintage wolf fur jacket. As the sun was high in the azure blue sky though, I didn’t want to overheat, so I had a lightweight brown t-shirt top underneath. This was a lucky choice because out in the sun and sheltered from the breeze it felt like a proper summer’s day. But as I walked through the shade of the woods, I was in doubt that winter was on its way.

My final accessory was the obligatory pair of gloves. Once we get past the autumn equinox, I never leave the house without a pair. As I wasn’t going to be carrying anything, and with the calibre of the rest of my outfit, I chose one of the more expensive pairs of brown leather gloves in my collection. Predictably they were by Dents and were deliciously soft. They are given an air of toughness though by the silvery zip detail across the back of the hand and down the wrist. There is no practical reason for these zips, they are purely decorative.

Zip detail brown leather gloves that I wore with my Ralph Lauren green leather pants and cosy vintage wolf fur jacket

With my complete outfit finally chosen, I tucked my house keys in my pocket and sauntered out into the autumn afternoon to revel in what may be one of the last lovely days before winter.

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Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren
Top: Woolford
Boots: Logo 69
Belt: Unknown Vintage
Jacket: Unknown Vintage
Gloves: Dents

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Enjoying the autumn in my local woods in my Ralph Lauren green leather pants and cosy vintage wolf fur jacket
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