Brown leather trouser suit, but which pair of gloves is the perfect choice?!

My chocolate brown leather trouser suit with pink leather driving gloves

The problem with having so much choice when it comes to accessories is that it can sometimes be hard to decide on just one combination. It is for this reason I did two mini photo shoots in this chocolate brown leather trouser suit.

A few years ago, I picked up a pair of black leather trousers by Jigsaw and they were such a perfect fit and style that I kept my eye out for more. Since that first pair, I now have multiple near identical pairs in black, as well as pairs in red, brown, beige and even gunmetal leather! The softness of the leather is, as you’d expect, absolutely divine. But I don’t have a brown leather jacket that both matches the colour and quality of the pants.

The pink leather driving gloves from Dents that I wore with my chocolate brown leather trouser suit

It is for this reason that I chose a gold velveteen jacket from Mango. The golden colour matches the shine of the trousers as well as being soft and tactile enough to match their feel. It is also a lovely smoking jacket style so sits nicely over my shoulders and across my chest. The colour of the jacket lead to not only my choice of tie but also which shirt to wear, and yes it was in that order.

With a lovely rose-gold shine to both the leather trousers and jacket, I thought that my new shirt pastel pink striped shirt from Hawes and Curtis would look really good with this outfit so far. Having French cuffs, also meant that I could further pick up on the colour theme that I had going. But it did leave me with a bit of a dilemma when it came to accessories. I obviously wanted to carry on the pink, gold and cream theme, but which gloves an footwear to choose?!

The pink and beige two tone shoes by Clarcks that were one of my choices to wear with my chocolate brown leather trouser suit

My first thought was match the gloves to the pink in the shirt. This seemed like the prime opportunity to wear a pair of less traditionally coloured gloves without making the trouser suit overly feminine. This lead me to a pair of more dainty Oxford shoes with some brogue styling on them in a similar pink colour. As much as I really liked this combination, I did wonder if I was overdoing the pastel colours a bit so decided to swap out the gloves and footwear for something else.

Three pint gloves by dents in cream leather were another choice to wear with my chocolate brown leather trouser suit

First to be changed was the gloves. This time I went for a more traditional cream leather, unlined pair. Whilst this colour did pick up on the stitching in the belt, I didn’t feel they worked as well with the shoes I had chosen. This meant that I had to change them too. As I wanted to keep a bit of pinkiness, I remembered a pair of Converse low top trainers that I had been struggling to match to an outfit. Off came the shoes and I grabbed the trainers.

Again, they worked well as an outfit, but I really struggled to make up my mind about which I preferred. Which combination is your favourite?

Desert Sand low top trainers by Converse were a choice to wear with my chocolate brown leather trouser suit

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Jacket: Mango
Trousers: Jigsaw
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tie: Taylor & Wright
Belt: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Clarks
Gloves Pair 1: Dents
Trainers: Converse
Gloves Pair 2: Dents

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The velveteen jacket by Mango that I wore as part of my chocolate brown leather trouser suit
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