Casual in cream: Classic 80s style vintage leather jumpsuit

Lounging on my leather sofa in my cream 80s vintage leather jumpsuit

Like shoulder pads, leather jumpsuits were big in the 1980s and in recent years they have started to make a comeback. This particular cream jumpsuit, with its batwing three-quarter sleeves, is classic 80s vintage leather.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly when from the 80s this jumpsuit comes from, but given it’s vintage and the fact that it is cream leather, it is in impeccable condition. A lot of my collection is second hand and vintage leather, and some of it has been in rather poor condition when I purchased it. A bit of love and conditioning though can work wonders restoring the natural shine and softness to leather.

The beauty of vintage cream leather

This leather jumpsuit however has needed very little intense conditioning over the years that I’ve owned it. And the fact that there are few dirty marks on it is a testament to how well its previous owner had looked after it.

The gloves are of a similar vintage. I picked them up on a visit to the Dents Factory Shop a few years ago for a couple of pounds. Again, I couldn’t believe what perfect condition they were in. Upon further research on the label, I found out that the Miloré glove company were direct rivals of Dents for most of the 20th century until they finally closed their doors in the 1980s.

Vintage cream leather gloves by Miloré

I can only assume that these particular gloves, and the other Miloré pairs that I bought at the same time must have been picked up by Dents as bankrupt stock or the like. They must have sat in storage for decades until they were rediscovered, put on display and thusly found their way into my collection. This would explain their perfect condition despite their age.

My footwear doesn’t share the same vintage as the leather jumpsuit and gloves. These patent leather Oxford shoes by Office are a wonderful colour match to the rest of the cream leather in this outfit though. I think that their beauty lies in the plainness of the style. A classic shape and with minimal panelling, the only flourish to them is a silver bar across the foot.

The beautiful patent cream leather shoes I wore with my vintage leather jumpsuit

With the silver press studs on the leather jumpsuit and the silver bar on the shoes, I had to choose a pair of classic 80s style oversized hoop earrings from Topshop to finish off the outfit.

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Jumpsuit: Unspecified (Vintage)
Shoes: Office
Gloves: Miloré
Earrings: Topshop

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Standing proud in my vintage leather jumpsuit
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  • Mark Pettit , Direct link to comment

    Love that creamy look Pandora. Careful on the sofa though, I can hear the rude leather on leather sounds over here! Happy New Year…

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