Military dress, long gloves and OTK Boots: Just how much black leather is too much?

Covered top to toe in the black leather of a H&M Military dress OTK boots and long leather gloves

Aside from the obvious idea of wearing a catsuit, I did wonder just how fully I could cover myself in black leather. Whilst looking through my collection, I realised I had an amazing military dress from H&M that shockingly I hadn’t worn in a few years, so decided to build a top-to-toe black leather outfit based around this.

It’s the neckline of the dress with the angular lapels and button across panel that give this dress the military look and what caught my eye when I first saw it many years ago. The shoulder line is also very strong with similar tailoring to a jacket, which is quite unusual in a dress, especially a leather one. There’s definitely an air of a classic 1980s North Beach Leather dress to it, and the three-quarter length sleeves also gave me a perfect opportunity to don a pair of longer length leather gloves.

The lovely neckline on my black leather military dress by H&M

With all the black leather that I was planning on coating myself in, I thought that it would be nice to add a flourish of colour detail. I didn’t want a different colour of leather, so that left some sort of metal accessories. I could have gone with either silver or gold, but I though that gold would be more in keeping with the military vibe I was going for. This narrowed my glove choices down to a single pair that were also by H&M, and a gold chain belt by Mango.

The gold chain belt by Mango that I wore with my black leather military dress

The next choice I had to make was what to wear on my feet. Given that I wanted to be as covered as I could be in black leather, it was important that whichever pair of boots I chose met the hemline of the dress. As this sat just above my knees, the boots therefore had to be over-the-knee. Going through my choices I ruled out anything with a low heel, including a pair of boots with military tassels. I wanted the grace and elegance that a pair of high heels would give me.

I was finally left with a head to head between two pairs of OTK boots. Trying each of them on in turn, I felt that this pair by Topshop worked the best with the look I was going for. With my outfit finalised, I picked out a subtle butterfly necklace and donned my gloves and was ready to conquer the world – or at least my homemade photo studio!

The lovely shape of the OTK boots by Topshop

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Dress: H&M
Boots: Topshop
Gloves: H&M
Belt: Mango

The gold detail on my long black leather gloves

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Standing tall in my black leather military dress by H&M, OTK boots by Topshop
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