Black leather and lace: Looking sharp in a perfect pencil skirt

Feeling good in my black leather pencil skirt

There is something very classy about a knee length pencil skirt. There is a certain poise when you stand and an enforced elegance when you walk, especially when you are wearing a pair of classic court shoes. When said skirt and shoes are made out of black leather, with a black lace top, you get an added layer of sophistication.

I love the shape of this vintage black leather knee length skirt

I picked up this leather skirt in a charity shop many years ago. The name on the label, Look, was familiar as at this time, I, like a lot of people, bought a lot of my clothes out of a catalogue. However, I didn’t recall ever seeing this style of skirt in any of the collections. When I tried it on, I understood why. With its high, narrow waist and rounded hips, it was clear to me that this leather pencil skirt was from the late 80s or early 90s.

With the figure hugging nature of this pencil skirt would make it a hobble skirt if it weren’t for the split in the back. I do have to be careful when I wear skirts of this style as I have a tendency to stride out. On more than one occasion I have widened a kick split due to being overzealous with my walking. To try and keep my walking in check, and to tie in with the aesthetic of the skirt, I grabbed a pair one of my favourite pairs of platform heels by FCUK.

Elegant platform stiletto shoes by FCUK

The final part of this outfit was the top. For this I chose a turtleneck lace body suit. This meant that I wouldn’t get any unsightly tuck-in lines on the figure hugging leather skirt, but also it worked really well with the overall look that I was going for.

The perfect fit of my black leather pencil skirt and lace top

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Skirt: Look (vintage)
Shoes: FCUK
Top: H&M

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Sitting pretty in my black leather pencil skirt and lace top
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