Rocking the Kasbah in my delicious cream leather trouser suit

Admiring the lovely colours of my leather trouser suit

This isn’t the first time that this cream leather jacket has made an appearance in my blog. Last time I shared some photos of it was about a year ago. In that photoshoot I wore it with the matching mini skirt (you can find that post here). Being honest though I think though it works better as part of a trouser suit.

The biggest giveaway to the fact that the leather jacket and trousers are separates is the difference between the edging seams. On the trousers the hems are are the traditional concealed style, whilst on the jacket, the edges of the leather have been left raw. I don’t see that as a problem with this particular suit as the texture and colour of the cream leather is so similar.

The raw edges on the John Richmond cream leather jacket

Another thing that distracts from the tiny detail of the different seams is the perfect skintight fit of the Jane Norris trousers. When I got them, the lining inside was a bit frayed so I decided to take it out. This means that now, not only are they a perfectly figure hugging shape, but also I get to feel the super soft suede on the underside of the leather.

The perfect fit of my cream leather trousers by Jane Norris

I could easily have picked out a pair of gloves and either shoes or boots that were a pretty good colour match for the cream leather, but I decided to go for a bit of contrast to the trouser suit. This came in the form of suede ankle boots with a Cuban heel and tassels, which I have in both black and tan. I tried the black pair first, but decided that they were a little on the heavy side. The tan ones on the other hand were spot on. Having made that decision, I carried on the warmer colour tone into my choice of gloves.

With my collection being as substantial as it is, I had plenty of tan gloves to choose from but instead plumped for a three point pair that I don’t often get the opportunity to wear as part of a suit. For once they were not by Dents but rather Marks and Spencer. On the label, the colour is listed as “Ochre”. This is a very specific colour and sounds much nicer than dirty yellow.

The ochre leather of my gloves and tan sued e of my Cuban heeled ankle boots with tassels are a beautiful contrast to the cream leather of my trousers

Having finalised my outfit I was ready to head on out to the Kasbah for a night on the tiles. In reality, it was a relaxing evening in my dining room listening to music and playing board games.

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Jacket: John Richmond
Trousers: Jane Norris
Shirt: Florence + Fred
Tie: Florence + Fred
Boots: Mango
Gloves: Marks and Spencer
Belt: Dents

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Pulling on a pair of yellow leather gloves by Marks and Spencer to contrast the cream leather of my trouser suit
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