Top to toe in beautiful black leather: Daily Leather Outfit of the Year 2021

The black leather top by Banana Republic that formed part of the winning daily leather outfit of 2021

Every weekday over on my OnlyFans page, I share a photo of the leather outfit I’m wearing that day. At the end of each week I run a poll to see which daily leather outfit from the week was the most popular. At the end of last year I ran a series of polls through my Instagram stories to find the most popular outfit of the year. The winning leather outfit was this entirely black leather top, trousers and boots.

The runner up outfit was another black leather top, but this time with a long skirt and long leather gloves. I thought that a pair of gloves would just finish off the winning OOTD nicely so I thought it would be a nice touch to wear the gloves from the second place outfit.

The white leather piping and padded knee detail on the Tommy Hilfiger black leather trousers that were the basis for the winning daily leather outfit of 2021

There are a couple of very eye catching things about this pair of black leather pants by Tommy Hilfiger. I would say that the first think is the white piping stripe down the outside seam of the legs. The other is the padded biker-style ribbing on the knees. These two details combined with the slightly coarser grain of the still soft leather and zip detail at the ankle creates a real biker chick look to the trousers.

Zip detail and Cuban heel ankle boots by Marks and Spencer that were part of the winning daily leather outfit of 2021

With the long length of the legs, which I can’t really shorten due to the zips at the ankles, it is necessary for me to have at least a small heel on whatever footwear I choose to wear with these trousers. For this outfit, I picked out a pair of very plain ankle boots with a Cuban heel. Unsurprisingly I do have a few pairs of more biker-style boots in my collection that I could have worn, but these wouldn’t have worked as well because either the heel was too low, or there was some detail on them that would have been hidden by the trousers.

I have quite a few tops in my collection, and for various reasons I don’t wear them that often. Perhaps I should make it a resolution for this year to wear more leather tops. This particular Banana Republic top has some ponte panels at that sides. Whilst I’m not a fan of this material a lot of the time, especially when a fashion label uses it as half the material for “leather leggings” (I’m looking at you Karen Millen and Marks and Spencer), in this case, it allows the top to fit me perfectly and contour around my shoulders and bust.

Standing tall in the black leather winning daily leather outfit of 2021 showing off the lovely two tone leather gloves by John Lewis

As mentioned before, in the original picture of this outfit I hadn’t picked out a pair of gloves. This seemed a bit of a wasted opportunity when it came to the photo shoot. With votes for this daily leather outfit and the runner up being separated by literally one vote, it seemed only appropriate that I wore the gloves from the alternate outfit. The flash of royal blue at the cuffs added a lovely zing of colour to the black leather, but also added to the contrasting leather textures that made up this outfit.

As an added little extra, I also had a bit of fun with some new sound recording equipment that we got before Christmas and made a short video of me getting ready complete with delicious leather creaking sounds worthy of any ASMR video. You can find a short portion of this over on my Instagram page, or a longer version on OnlyFans.

For access to all the photos and video of this winning black leather daily leather, head over to my OnlyFans page and subscribe.


Trousers: Tommy Hilfiger
Top: Banana Republic
Boots: Marks and Spencer
Gloves: John Lewis

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Lounging on my bed top to toe in my black leather winning daily leather outfit of 2021
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07 comments on “Top to toe in beautiful black leather: Daily Leather Outfit of the Year 2021

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Happy New Year 2022 A.D. ! Yes ; lovely outfit winner ; especially the pinstripe down the pant leg but my favorite is the woman in sleek cowboy outfits like your “ John Ford “ movie outfit ; stunningly a “ tease “ !

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Please try to emulate Reba McEntires ultra sexy black all leather ( lamb skin
    ? ) cowboy outfit with black gun leather . It was the 1991 sequel to Kenny Rogers ‘ t.v. Movie named the “ Gambler “ . The lighter contrast piping down the middle is sleek pants/ leggings copies Roy Rogers , Gene Autry & Tom Mix’s Nathan Turk or Nudie Cohan’s fancy , sleek cowboy duds , especially their wool riding pants .

  • Matt , Direct link to comment

    Hi. Hope you don’t mind me saying but I watched your leather creeking video and it really got me going, so much to an extent I put my sexy black leather chaps on which are extra creeky.

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