Mastering mock croc in a casual black leather jumpsuit

Feeling good in my mock croc casual black leather jumpsuit

Who doesn’t like picking up a bargain in the sales? I for one love sale shopping and have picked up some real bargains over the years. One of my latest steals was this mock croc black leather jumpsuit. I had seen it as a “New In” item back in the autumn and fell in love with it, but not at the full price, even though it did have proper, usable pockets.

The useable ppockets on my mock croc casual black leather jumpsuit

Roll on Boxing Day and this casual catsuit appeared in the sales. It was still a little pricy for my pocket, but I was prepared to wait and see if it came down further in price. My patience was rewarded in early January when it was, for all intents and purposes, on the French Connection clearance rail. To my delight it was in my size so I added it to my basket and waited with excitedly for it to arrive on my doorstep. It wasn’t long before I shared a mystery parcel from FCUK on my Instagram stories and asked what might be in it.

When it came to styling the jumpsuit for a photoshoot I remembered that I had picked up a pair of mock croc ankle boots in a Debenhams sale a few years previously and wondered how they would look together. I have been wary about matching animal prints. More often than not, they aren’t quite a match and a a result it can look a bit over-the-top and tacky. In this case though, the patterns were a perfect, and from certain angles it looked as though the boots were an integral part of the jumpsuit.

These mock croc ankle boots were the percest match for my casual leather jumpsuit

Being a more relaxed fit and coming with a matching belt, I decided to keep the overall look of the outfit more on the casual side. Another of my January sales bargains was a black leather baseball cap by Ted Baker. Many times items will be labelled as real leather only for me to discover that they are “Vegan” leather, or more accurately PU fake leather, and this hasn’t been just limited to lower cost labels. I was a little sceptical about just how good the quality of the cap would be, but as returns were free I took a gamble.

The gamble paid off and I found myself with a buttery soft black leather cap that perfectly fitted my head and worked really well with the aforementioned mock croc jumpsuit. The only thing left for me to do was figure out a pair of gloves to finish off the outfit.

The super soft black leather cap and orange leather gloves I wore with my mock croc casual black leather jumpsuit

Wanting a splash of colour in what was otherwise a pure black leather outfit, I grabbed yet another recent sale purchase. I tend to be wary about buying leather gloves without trying them on first, especially when they are labelled as small rather than 6½. On this occasion I knew what I was letting myself in for though as I had some identical gloves already in my collection. Yes they aren’t the tightest of fits, but you don’t always want that, especially when you are going for a more casual look.

Having finalised my outfit, it was time to get posing. I chose my walk in wardrobe with all its mirrors to really show off the lovely texture and all angles of this outfit. For access to all 64 photos of this gorgeous mock croc black leather jumpsuit and accessories, head over to my OnlyFans page and subscribe.


Jumpsuit: French Connection
Boots: Jasper Conran
Gloves: John Lewis
Hat: Ted Baker

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My mock croc casual black leather jumpsuit with orange leather gloves, black leather cap and black mock croc ankle boots
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