Stepping into a new month: Gorgeous green leather trouser suit

Feeling good in my green leather trouser suit

With winter still in the air and the evergreen trees showcasing a myriad of different greens, I thought it would be the perfect time to slip into another bargain I picked up in the Zara sales. These green leather jeans are an absolute delight to slip into as rather than being liked with the usual satin, they are unlined and the inside is an unpolished leather.

The beautiful olivegreen leather of my trousers hugging my knee

This means that not only do they feel very soft against my legs, but also they are able to mould perfectly to my body. When I got them though, they were a little bit long in the leg for me, but that wasn’t a problem. Carefully cutting an inch off the bottom of the leather trousers I grabbed my trusty bottle of Copydex I turned up the bottom inch of each leg making them the perfect length for me to wear as part of a suit.

Having sorted out my bottom half, it was time to put together the rest of my suit. This time I started with a shirt from Brooks Brothers. With its fine grid pattern, it can be quite tricky to match with a suit and accessorise. It did work perfectly with these leather jeans though.

A vintage grey leather tie made the perfect accessory for my green leather trouser suit

Not wanting a busy tie to compete with the pattern on my shirt, I decided that it was about time that one of my vintage leather ties got an airing. Alas, I don’t have a green one so instead I picked out a skinny grey one. This was a lovely offset against the shirt and trousers.

Now it was time for the jacket. Keeping the green theme going, I had a choice of two green leather jackets. Both of them are a matt leather rather than the more shiny leather that most of my jackets are. The first one I tried was the brighter of the two. This was too much of a contrast to the darker olive green of the jeans. The other jacket, with its slightly browner and more muted colour. This was indeed the right match, which left only the gloves to find.

Two tone green leather gloves by John Lewis and a check shirt by Brooks Brothers

Once again green was my friend and two pairs came to mind. One was a dark green deerskin leather pair with silver press stud fastenings. The other pair was a two toned pair with decorative buttons at the cuff. Comparing both pairs against the green leather of the jeans, the two tone embellished gloves were the clear winners.

My final decision was what to put on my feet. I could have gone with green leather shoes, or boots, but that might well have been one shade of green too many. Rather, I went for about the most classically styled pair of shoes I have. Like the gloves, these shoes were two toned, but this time is crisp white and shiny black. The brogue detailing on them added a little extra panache to them finishing off this green leather trouser suit perfectly

The black and white brogue shoes by Office that I wore with my green leather trouser suit

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Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Marks and Spencer
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Shoes: Office
Gloves: John Lewis
Tie: Vintage
Belt: Jeff Banks

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My green leather trouser suit in all its glory
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