My devilishly perfect red leather catsuit

The perfect fit of my custom made red leather catsuit

Ever since I discovered custom made leather and bought my first bespoke leather catsuit I wanted one in every colour of the rainbow. First on my wish list was a red leather catsuit. In 2010 I bit the bullet and treated myself to one from Leatherotics.

As beautiful as black leather is, there is something devilishly ravishing about red leather. It makes me think of the Lady In Red from the original Matrix film – you can’t help but stop and look at it. As yet I haven’t dared venture out and about in this catsuit for fear of literally stopping traffic and causing a few fender benders.

When I received the catsuit I was by the softness of the leather. Another thing that delighted me about it was that it was unlined. The inside of the red leather catsuit was a beautifully creamy red suede. I really couldn’t wait to slip into it and start slinking around the house.

A delicious reverse angle on my custom made red leather catsuit

The problem I had though was accessorising. As I have mentioned before on this blog, finding red leather items that match perfectly is nigh on impossible. In the case of this catsuit, I didn’t have anything that was quite right when I first got it so I had the perfect excuse to find both a pair of shoes and gloves that were a perfect match.

Over the years this has meant that my collection of red leather boots, shoes and gloves has grown disproportionately to other colours in my collection, but I had the perfect excuse. Each time I got some new red leather accessories I used it as an excuse to slink into my custom made red leather catsuit and see whether or not they matched. Sure, I could have just held them up against the catsuit, but that wouldn’t have been half as much fun.

The red leather stiletto heeled court shoes with ankle strap by Aldo that I wore with my custom made red leather catsuit

For this photoshoot, once again I took the opportunity to search through my red leather footwear and gloves to see what looked the best with my catsuit. After about an hour or so of trying things on, I settled on a pair of stiletto heeled court shoes with an ankle strap by Aldo and a pair of three point acrylic lined gloves by Marks and Spencer.

This isn’t the first time that these red leather shoes have appeared on this blog. Back in late 2020 I slipped them on with a black leather mini skirt and red top for a photo shoot in my wardrobe room. The gloves however are a first time share on here.

The beautiful red leather gloves by Marks and Spencer that I wore with my custom made red leather catsuit

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Catsuit: Leatherotics
Shoes: Aldo
Gloves: Marks and Spencer

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Having fun in my custom made red leather catsuit
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