Enjoying the setting sun in my armour: Biker leather in the garden

Sunning myself in the evening sun in my biker leather outfit

I love golden hour. That time when the sun is either creeping over the horizon in the morning or saying its magical goodbyes in the evening. It is the perfect time to head outside for a photo shoot as I did in this biker leather outfit.

Even though I have never ridden a motorbike or indeed had much desire to, I do love the biker leather aesthetic. In fact both the leather trousers and leather jacket are genuine biker leather items. The jacket actually has a pocket in the back to put some armour plating in. These aren’t the only items of genuine biker leather clothing that I own, although for some reason I tend to wear this jacket by Frank Thomas the most.

The Frank Thomas biker leather jacket over a crisp white shirt with an eagle bolo and black leather gloves

Once again, eBay was my friend when it came to getting hold of both the jacket and trousers. I have to admit that the trousers are a very cosy fit on me, and I really do feel protected when I slip into them as they are full skin leather. Despite this, they are still surprisingly soft and supple. Other biker leathers that I have are a lot stiffer and more restrictive on my movement, which is probably why I don’t wear them as often.

With the close fit of the biker trousers, I decided to go for something a little lighter on my top half under the inevitable biker jacket. My choice was a crisp white shirt by Thomas Pink. A standard tie with this shirt, whilst looking smart, wouldn’t fit the overall aesthetic of the outfit so instead I picked out one of my bolos, this one sporting an eagle in flight as the imagery seemed rather apt.

A large statement belt buckle works so well with my biker leather outfit

This lead me to which belt to wear with my biker leather outfit. Obviously it had to be a statement silver one that tied in with the tough look. That meant one of my bespoke belts with a custom buckle, and there really was only one choice – my Lucky 13 one.

With the boots, once again there was really only one choice. A vintage biker-style pair by Barratts that I picked up for a couple of pounds in a charity shop. Even though they are not true biker boots, they are still very hard wearing. I’ve worn them out and about in all sorts of weathers and had them re-heeled a couple of times. It just goes to show you that if something is made well and looked after, it will last and last.

Vintage black leather biker style boots by Barretts

Having got most of my outfit sorted it was time for the jacket. Anything other than a true biker leather jacket would have just looked wrong. Yes, I have a few biker style fashion jackets but they just wouldn’t cut it so Frank Thomas it was. Like the trousers, this is full skin leather, but this time the grain is courser. This black leather jacket is a lovely fit on me, and with the elasticated panels at the waist, it allows me a good amount of movement.

The finishing touch for this biker leather outfit was a pair of gloves. For all the pairs that I have, I don’t have a pair of true biker gloves. Instead, I went with one of the softest, tightest pairs of black leather gloves by Dents that I have. Zipping down the sleeves of the jacket over them I admired myself in the mirror and felt ready to hit the road astride a steel horse.

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Jacket: Frank Thomas
Trousers: Motodress
Shirt: Thomas Pink
Boots: Barratts
Gloves: Dents
Bolo: Unknown

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A perfectly fitting pair of biker leather pants
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