The devil is in the detail: Red leather highlights on a black leather suit

My beautiful black leather suit with red leather and gold accents

There are times when I pick up an item of leather clothing and add it to my collection without quite knowing what it will go with. That was the case with this black leather blazer by Zara. With it’s more boxy shape and short length rather than a more classically shaped blazer, this needs careful pairing in order to look its best.

Black leather riding style boots by Aldo with gold boot straps

Over the years I have found that it works particularly well with skinnier fit trousers, and that was what I headed for this time. I also remembered I had a pair of black leather boots with a gold boot strap by Aldo that I had not long added to my collection. These didn’t exactly hug my leg closely and were therefore in need of a pair of skinny leg trousers or leggings to go over. This led me to a pair of beautifully figure hugging leather leggings by Mango.

This pair of black leather leggings ticked a lot of boxes when it came to my outfit. Form fitting around the derriere to offset the jacket? Check. Skinny fit legs to show off the boots? Definitely. No annoying pockets to ruin the lines? That’s an affirmative. Soft and tactile? Absolutely. Grabbing a crisp white Hawes & Curtis shirt and a pair of gold cuff links, it was time to start thinking about accessorising my suit.

The perfect fit of my Mango black leather leggings

Obviously with the gold chain boot straps on the Aldo boots as well as the gold cuff links, I was looking for gold accents. This brought to mind a vintage silk tie from Michelsons of London that I had inherited. The vibrant red and contrasting navy were separated by a gold chain-style pattern, which tied in beautifully with the detail on the boots.

Once again, it was time to think about a pair of gloves to go with my black leather suit. Plain black or red would have been an easy and obvious choice, but I wanted something with a bit more flair and panache. Then it struck me. Why not have both black AND red leather?

The lovely red leather snake print gloves with gold stud and buckle details by Dents

Several pairs fit the bill, but the ones that really caught my eye were this pair with a red snake print leather on the back of the hand and black on the palm. Not only that, but they also had gold studs and buckles on them, just like the boots. Pulling them on and looking at myself in the mirror, I realised that I had a breast pocket on the jacket and this was the perfect time to show off one of my satin pocket squares. With a final flourish of a chunky gold watch, I was good to go.

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Jacket: Zara
Leggings: Mango
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Gloves: Dents
Boots: Aldo
Tie: Michelsons of London

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Standing tall in my black leather blazer by Zara with red leather snake print gloves by Dents and matching red satin pocket square
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09 comments on “The devil is in the detail: Red leather highlights on a black leather suit

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Giving “ The great Emma Peel “ a run for her money / leather outfits !

      • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

        Amen ! Reba mcEntire dressed in all leather cowboy outfit looks super foxy.

      • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

        Sleek legged pants are stylish and neat ; add being tucked into either riding or cowboy boots is highly sexy . As a young boy ; loved Roy Rogers tight ; fancy detailed ranch pants tucked into his boots just like Gene Autry & Tom Mix !

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Honoring your , Emma Peel & Martin Onyx ‘s leather pants style’ I am wearing my Spanx faux Leather leggings with a wide white stripe down the middle leg seam.; just like American t.v. series : Sgt. Preston of the Yukon !

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Honoring you , Emma Peel’s & American T.v. Wagon Train’s episode named ” Martin Onyx’s leather pants & boots style taste by wearing my new } Spanx ” faux leather legging with a white pant leg stripe; just like American 1950’s t.v. program : Sgt. Preston of the Yukon !

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