Pandora goes Noir: Delicious black leather suit in Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro is the perfect lighting to capture this black leather suit

Sometimes I just want to get creative and more arty with my photos. That was the case with this particular black leather suit. The idea for this suit came from one of my other passions – cigar smoking. The cigar in question had a mystery blend so I thought it would be fun to get some photos that illustrated that. As I have recently been watching a lot of old black and white films, particularly classic film noirs, my mind went straight to the gumshoe detective imagery so prevalent in these films.

To kick things off, the entire outfit had to be black with white accents. The jacket had to be a long length one with a belt. Off I went to my wardrobes to pick out the perfect 50s detective outfit. Out came the black double cuff shirt by Morrissey, a super plain pair of black leather trousers by Jaeger, a long black leather jacket by Joseph.

The beautiful shine on the front of my Jaeger black leather trousers

Accessories wise, I needed a pair of cuff links, some earrings and a tie. The tie was once again an easy choice. It was either plain white, or textured white. I chose the textured white to really stand out against the black leather suit but not catch the light and shine unnaturally. As the press studs on the leather pants were silver, so I picked the plainest pair of silver cuff links I had. I decided to go with tiny black studs for the earrings. The last thing I wanted in these photos was any lens flair or hot spots.

With the easy part out of the way the footwear and gloves needed to be a bit more of a considered choice. I didn’t want to go for plain black as these wouldn’t show up against a black background very well. My next thought was grey. Whilst this would work with the black leather suit, I wasn’t sure if they would give the full film noir look. I grabbed both a pair of grey shoes and gloves but also pure white.

Checking that my black leather gloves by Dents fit

Trying all combinations of these four items on with the suit, nothing quite gelled for me. I liked the contrast of the white, but pure white would probably end up looking a bit too much like neon in the finished photos. Then I had the idea to have black AND white.

I remembered a pair of black leather gloves that were completely plain aside from three buttons on the wrist and a thin white leather trim on the cuff. I decided to go for the inverse on my feet and chose a pair of mostly white perforated leather with black accents on the toes. Bingo! My film noir detective inspired black leather suit was complete.

The white and black Aldo shoes that I wore with my black leather suit

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Shirt: Morrissey
Trousers: Jaeger
Jacket: Joseph
Tie: Marks and Spencer
Shoes: Aldo
Gloves: Dents
Hat: H&M

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My film noir style black leather suit in all its glory
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