A day out in sexy black leather shorts

My black leather shorts, denim jacket and leather brimmed hat

It is a rare day at that I am caught not wearing leather clothing at all, especially when I am at home. A day out at Mottisfont Abbey was no different. The sun was out, there were a few fluffy clouds in the crystal blue sky and it was the perfect weather to slip on a pair of black leather shorts… So I did just that.

More often than not I am the one posing in front of the camera, but having been gifted my very own camera for my recent birthday, and it being a real day off for me (my first in a while) I wanted to take some pictures myself. Needless to say I wasn’t alone and my cheeky cameraman caught a few snaps of me snapping away at the flowers and buildings.

Close up on the zip detail of my black leather shorts

This particular pair of black leather shorts by Topshop have seen a good few wears since I added them to my collection. A bit of care and attention every so often has kept them in pretty good condition, although there are still some inevitable nicks and scratches, especially on the bum.

I would be the first to admit that I usually wear shorts with either a pair of killer heels or knee high boots. On this occasion though, neither of those would have been a good idea for a number of reasons.

My black leather walking boots were perfect for exploring the grounds

First off, stately homes don’t appreciate stiletto shoes on their highly polished and delicate wooden and marble floors. Secondly, I didn’t fancy aerating the fields I was likely to be walking through. And finally, even if I stayed away from the fields, the paths weren’t exactly even and I really didn’t want to risk falling over and injuring myself. For this reason, I dusted off my trusty Karrimor black leather walking boots.

Taking a rest on a bench gives the perfect opportunity to capture a reverse angle on my black leather shorts

These proved the perfect choice for the day and allowed me the freedom to wander around without care and take photos from places I might not have been able to get had I been wearing anything else on my feet. I did however pack a pair of heels just in case I wanted to change for the evening, but as it so happened, a full day out in the sun left me ready to head straight home and curl up on the sofa.

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Shorts: Topshop
Top: Vintage
Jacket: Gap
Boots: Karrimor

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Admiring the interiors of Mottisfont House in my black leather shorts and denim jacket
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  • Alan Hayward , Direct link to comment

    OK I am 67 I still have a decent pair of legs and I wear my leather shorts in warmer weather when riding my bicycle. It feels amazing wearing them

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