Tan leather trousers and black satin shirt: Riding high in full equestrian chic

The delicious contrast between my black leather riding bots and tan leather suit

It’s not the first time that these tan leather trousers by Karen Millen have made an appearance on my blog in a riding style outfit. Last time though, it was with a black leather jacket and top hat. Ringing the changes this time, I went for a different kind of full equestrian chic with a pair of genuine riding boots.

I do love the look of equestrian fashion, especially the boots. Over the years I have acquired a good number of riding style boots, but none of them have had quite the elegance of a pair of genuine riding boots. That isn’t to say that I have looked hard for a reasonably priced pair of real leather riding boots.

My lovely black leather riding boots by Rhinegold

You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a saddlery who were having a fire sale on old stock. I didn’t hold out much hope that they would have any footwear that would fit me, as my size 5 feet are about the most common size around for women’s footwear. As I browsed, I looked at various boots that looked to be my size but were PU or “vegan leather”. As you have probably gathered, I’m all about the real stuff so I put them back and quietly grumped to myself.

Having all but given up hope of finding anything, I stumbled across a pair by Rhinegold that were not only genuine, high quality leather, but were also in my size! Not only that, but they were a perfect fit, curving deliciously around my calves with just enough room for a pair of leather trousers to tuck inside.

When it came time to don these gorgeous black leather riding boots again, I knew exactly which pair of trousers to choose – these beautiful tan leather ones my Karen Millen. They also made my choice of jacket very easy as I keep them on a hanger with a jacket my Marks & Spencer that matches them almost perfectly.

The exquisite pairing of leather and satin

The shirt was also a fairly straight forward choice. With all of the deliciously creamy and soft leather already included in my outfit, I wanted a shirt that was equally tactile that also matched the shine of the leather. The answer was a vintage black satin shirt with a diamanté top button, not that you can see this as it is covered with my black satin tie with rose detail at bottom of it.

My final accessory was the prerequisite pair of leather gloves. Once again black was my friend, but picking up on silver zip that ran up the back of the riding boots, I chose the newest pair of gloves in my collection. Whilst this pair by Aldo might not be the tightest of fits, they feel as soft as butter and make the most exquisite sound as I rub my fingers together.

Pulling on my delicious black leather gloves with silver zip detail

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Trousers: Karen Millen
Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Tie: Red Herring
Boots: Rhinegold
Gloves: Aldo

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My tan leather and black satin riding style suit in all its equestrian glory
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