Styling a gorgeous gold leather skirt suit

Feeling classy and flirty in my lovely gold leather skirt, nude leather court shoes and cream leather gloves

This delectable vintage gold leather skirt suit by Jaeger was one of the winning outfits of the week over on my OnlyFans page. As a result, it has had it’s own full set of photos. In actual fact, I got so carried away with posing for the camera and insisting on closeups from just about every angle, I ended up with nearly two full sets! Both of which are available to my subscribers.

I first got my hands on this skirt suit back in mid 2005. Once again eBay was my friend and I got it for less than £20! Back then though, people weren’t quite as savvy about what they were selling. Over the years, I have often worn it as separates, pairing the jacket with a pair of black leather trousers as a suit and donning a light coloured linen jacket with the skirt.

The beautiful shine of my gold leather jacket

As you can see, the cut on the jacket is spot on for my broad shoulders. So often, women’s jackets are cut narrow across the shoulders, ample around the bosom, close at the waist and flared at the hips. This is almost the opposite of my shape. I have strong shoulders from my years of competitive swimming as well as petit breasts. Yes my waist is relatively small and my hips are nicely proportioned, but I rarely find jackets that look really good on me. It is for this reason that when I do find a good fitting jacket, I get it as many times as I can.

The beautiful fit of my gold leather skirt and cream leather gloves with gold leather inlay that perfectly matches the skirt suit

When this skirt suit won Outfit of the Week, I wore it with a black top. When it came time to do the photo shoot though, I felt that a cream top would be a better balance, especially as I knew exactly which gloves to slip on. The gloves in question were a pair of buttery soft, cream leather ones by Dents. What sets them apart is the beautiful gold leather inlay around the cuff that perfectly matches the gold of the suit.

Exquisite cream leather gloves with gold leather inlay by Dents

Being unlined, they are an exquisite fit and feel deliciously creamy on my hands. Once again, I picked these up in a sale and was amazed at what good condition they were in. I have said many times before that light coloured leather is notorious for picking up dirt and getting ruined very easily. Amazingly, I can see little wrong with this particular pair.

Choosing shoes can be tricky sometimes, but this wasn’t a problem with this skirt suit. I knew I needed a pair of court shoes with killer heels, which narrowed down the choices quite considerably. Also, I didn’t want a dark colour as this would have unbalanced the look of the outfit making my feet look heavy. This left only a handful of choices. White would have looked equally out of place so I picked out a pair of nude stiletto heeled court shoes by Aldo with a hint of gold at the heel.

Nude leather extreme stiletto heeled court shoes by Aldo that I wore with my gold leather skirt suit

Whilst posing for the photos, I noticed the similarity between the shoes that I was wearing and the shoes that appear in the print I have hanging on my wall above the stairs. You may have noticed it in some of my previous posts including this vintage dress and this red suit. Yes, they are my legs in that photo so I couldn’t help but ape the pose. These photos are available exclusively to my OnlyFans subscribers

For access to both of the photo sets of this vintage gold leather skirt suit, head over to my OnlyFans page and subscribe.


Skirt suit: Jaeger
Top: Zara
Shoes: Aldo
Gloves: Dents

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My gold leather skirt suit in all its glory
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