Always bet on black: Return to skinny leather suited perfection

Slipping my hands into black leather gloves to finish off my perfect skinny leather suit

After a few weeks away from my trademark full black leather looks , I thought was about time I redressed the balance and slipped back into a skinny leather suit. Looking through my skinny leather pants, I came across this pair by Asos. I remember when I first got them: I was worried about the quality of the leather across the crotch as it looked puckered and water damaged. I was about to send them back when I realised that they were actually elastane backed. This meant that they were in fact stretch leather, a fact that hadn’t been made clear when I first saw them.

The perfect fit of the stretch black leather leggings by Asos

With this in mind, I carefully took them out of their packaging and slipped them on. Lo and behold, the aforementioned unsightly puckering at the crotch had disappeared as I pulled up the stylish rear zip, and they moulded to my legs and bootie. Needless to say, I was convinced to add them to my collection, and subsequently purchased a second pair in dove grey leather.

Fast forward to this suit and I wanted a pair of statement boots that would not only get shown off, but also give me an extra posture boost. Given the short legged nature of these black leather leggings, I didn’t want the heels to be too high, nor did I want the boots to hide the amazing shape that they gave my calves, so I started looking at ankle boots with a moderate heel.

The lovely silver detail on the black leather ankle boots by Carvella that I wore with my skinny leather trousers by Asos

One of the first pairs that came up were by Carvela that can be a little awkward to match as part of a suit. This is because of the silver detail that is just too good to hide, but could easily tear at a pair of leggings. This particular pair of leather pants were therefore the perfect choice to wear with the boots with as they just met at the ankle.

Having sorted the bottom half of my outfit it was now time to turn my attention to the top, starting with the shirt and tie. For this outfit I wanted a splash of colour, and as June is Pride month, I wanted as many colours as I could get. I did try my rainbow satin shirt but this seemed a bit to much for the outfit. The next one I tried was this pink and white stripe one by Hawes and Curtis. It offered me a good bright contrast to what was going to be an otherwise entirely black leather suit.

The colourful tie that I wore with my skinny leather suit

The tie was my next concern. Whilst I have plenty of colourful, rainbow striped ties, stripes on stripes didn’t fit the aesthetic I was going for. Likewise, a single block of colour felt a bit boring. Instead, I went for a bit of a left field choice. On one of my recent visits to the local charity shops, I picked up a handful of silk ties, all of them with rather flamboyant prints. Out of curiosity, I picked one of them out to see how it looked, and was pleasantly surprised by just how well it worked.

Tying the tie with a double Windsor knot, it was time to move on to the final two items of this leather suit, and being honest, they weren’t difficult choices at all. I knew exactly which jacket I was going to wear: this short black leather tuxedo style jacket by Oasis is perfect with skinny leather pants of all styles as it sits just below the waist line therefore showing off the delicious fit of the leather across my derrière. Add to that the strong shoulder line and softness of the leather, and it was a spot on choice.

The sharply tailored lines of the black leather jacket by Oasis

Finally, to pick up on the silver detail and zip tassel on the boots and the zip on the leggings, I chose a pair of black leather gloves with a similar zip and tassel detail by Topshop. Having slipped them on, I was ready to take on the entire world, or at least my little corner of it. But as always with a leather suit as delicious as this one, I had to capture it for posterity.

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Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Jacket: Oasis
Leggings: Asos
Boots: Carvela
Tie: Folkespeare
Gloves: Topshop

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Sitting proud in my perfect black leather suit with skinny leather trousers by Asos
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05 comments on “Always bet on black: Return to skinny leather suited perfection

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Do this leggings have attached stirrups at the end of the pant leg ? If yes ; very , very sexy !

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      No, this particular pair don’t have stirrups, although they do tuck perfectly into the boots to create that illusion.

      • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

        Always found stirrup pants to be very attractive because of its sleekness and fuctionality of keeping the pant leg taut within any type of boots. Men wore their stirrups under the sole of their shoes in Western high society in the 1600’s through the Esdwardian era. Bogner ski wear brought this style back for its tapered, sleek ski pants post W.W. 2. When Western Societal females got the permission to cross-dress into menswear; especially pants; stirrup stretch pants became the rage among teenage girls ( my older sister for one example )in the early 1960’s here in America.; I was jealous that these sexy pants are now considered womenswear only ; what 180 degree sexism against males. My favorite Western cowboys wore sleek, fancy stirrup pants tucked into their boots prior to female transvestism becoming their ” norm ” !

  • Alan Hayward , Direct link to comment

    Oh I love a black leather outfit, I wear my black leather outfit and it feels amazing to wear, although I am a 67 year old man, have been wearing leather clothing for 50 years

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      And why not! If you feel good wearing it then do so and power to you 👍🏻 I know that I will wearing my lovely leathers for as long as I have breath in my body 😎

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