Full on luxury: Purple silk shirt with black leather Jitrois trousers

My beautiful LilySilk purple silk shirt

You may or may not be aware that I have a wishlist open to those who wish to show their appreciation for the content that I create. Recently I received a beautiful purple silk shirt by LilySilk that had not long been on there. I was so excited to share this shirt with you that I couldn’t even wait to have it properly laundered before putting it on!

What drew me to this particular shirt brand was the pure luxury of the material, and I wasn’t let down at all. The silk used in this particular shirt is unlike anything else I have in my collection or have ever felt. Despite it not being my usual style of shirt, this doesn’t matter. The way the silk cascades into soft folds over my body is so sensual.

Then there is the amazing colour of the silk shirt. If I was pushed to choose a favourite colour, I think it would be purple. The colour of this LilySilk shirt is a rich amethyst. The shine of it is something to behold as well. My other silk shirt isn’t half as shiny and is staring to show its age as well.

The vintage black leather Jitrois trousers that I wore with my LilySilk purple silk shirt

When it came to styling the shirt, the delicate nature of the collar meant that it wouldn’t really take a tie. This left me heading more towards a feminine look, but would I go for a skirt or pair of trousers? A poll on my Instagram account gave me the answer. With a silk shirt as gorgeous as this one, I had to choose an equally luxurious bottom half, and what is more appropriate than a pair of black Jitrois leather trousers?

This vintage pair or stretch leather trousers were a birthday treat to myself back in 2021. The slightly more matt sheen of the black leather was the perfect counterbalance to the exquisite shine of the shirt, not to mention the delicious texture of the leather.

Close up on the purple leather gloves by Emma Fownes that perfectly match my LilySilk purple silk shirt

Having the contrast of black leather to really show off the colour of the shirt, I needed to ensure that my accessories also worked as well with it. I do have a good number of leather gloves in various shades of purple and I wondered if any of them were a match to the colour of the shirt. Looking through them I found three pairs.

One had a heavy gold buckle at the wrist which didn’t fit with the look that I was going for so I ruled them out fairly quickly. The two other pairs posed a slightly trickier choice. The first was a fairly plain, deliciously creaky three-point pair. They did sit beautifully with the silk shirt offering a continuous covering of purple from my fingers upwards but I eventually settled on the third pair which sported a very feminine leather bow at the wrist.

Purple patent leather shoes that match my LilySilk purple silk shirt

Slipping my feet into a pair of patent leather court shoes in a similar purple to the shirt, I was ready to pose and capture this outfit in all of its decadent luxury. The generous gifter of this lovely silk shirt will get an exclusive extended set of photos and a selection of them will also be available to subscribers to my OnlyFans and Patreon pages. If you would like to purchase something to be used in a future photoshoot, please check out my Amazon Wishlist here.


Shirt: LilySilk
Trousers: Jitrois
Shoes: Marks and Spencer
Gloves: Emma Fownes

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My amazing LilySilk purple silk shirt with black leather Jitrois trousers and purple leather gloves
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