Shiny PVC trousers and beautiful blue leather gloves

Shiny PVC trousers by Topshop that I wore as a suit with blue leather gloves

I love the look of shiny PVC. Yes, leather glistens and can even shine, especially if it is patent leather, but there is something about the way PVC – or vinyl and latex for that matter – reflects the light that I do like. Take this pair of trousers I wore back in 2020 for instance.

Essentially they are a kind of material that has been coated in a very shiny layer. The way the light catches is something that you simply don’t get with leather. Patent leather gives a very even shine. When it does crease, the light tends to get lost whereas the light refracts around the more acute creases in the PVC.

The Dr Martens trainer boots that I wore with my Shiny PVC trousers by Topshop

In contrast, the white leather Dr Martin trainer boots are a very matt leather. I am cautious to wear pristine white leather footwear with a black suit as black leather has a tendency to rub a bit of dye off onto the laces and whatever leather it comes into contact with. This pair of shiny PVC trousers were the perfect opportunity to show off these high top trainer boots as there was absolutely no way that any blackness would rub off.

With black and white on my lower half, I felt that some colour was needed for the top. This started with a white shirt from Zara with blue pinstripes. I wanted to pick up on the blue in the shirt with my choice of tie. Stripes with stripes can work, but I wanted something a little more subtle. My eye fell onto this yellow Marks and Spencer tie with blue diamonds.

Delicious blue leather gloves by Dents Marks and Spencer tie and silver tie clip that I accessorised by shiny PVC Topshop trousers with

Once more I tried to choose a pair of gloves that picked up on the colours I already had in my outfit and my colour of choice was electric blue leather. I remember when I got these gloves that the lady behind the till asked me what occasion they were for. I answered with “I have no idea, they just look lovely”. What you can’t see, but is included in the full photoset over on Patreon and OnlyFans, is the yellow leather chevron stitching on the cuffs.

Grabbing a silver tie clip left me solely with the jacket to find. The one I went for was a lovely dinner jacket style one from H&M. As with the trousers, this jacket didn’t have any leather on it. Rather it had leatherette for the collar detail.

The leatherette collar on the H&M dinner jacket and Zara shirt that I wore with my shiny PVC trousers by Topshop

Alas this was actually the last time that I ever wore these shiny PVC trousers. About an hour after taking these photos, I realised that they were literally falling to bits. I wouldn’t have minded that much if I had worn them regularly over the years since buying them, but in reality I had worn them just a handful of times! It is for this reason that I have very little fake leather in my collection. I honestly wouldn’t surprise me that the next time I go to wear the jacket that features in this set that I end up either replacing the leatherette collar with real leather or having to throw it out.


Trousers: Topshop
Shirt: Zara
Tie: Marks and Spencer
Jacket: H&M
Trainers: Dr Martens
Gloves: Dents

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Standing tall in my shiny PVC trousers by Topshop that I wore as a suit with blue leather gloves
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03 comments on “Shiny PVC trousers and beautiful blue leather gloves

  • Fashion Avenger , Direct link to comment

    Dear Pandora ; Just recently I had suggested for you to wear “ Spanx “ brand of faux leather . You stated that you only wear “ real “ leather ! Yes I know that neither PVC or Latex is not nylon nor Spandex but they are all synthetic leather – sequencing substitutes ; what gives now ?

    • Pandora , Direct link to comment

      This set was from a good few years ago and the trousers have since disintegrated and been binned. Since then most non-leather items have disappeared from my collection as they really don’t last so yes, my comment about real leather still stands.

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