Exquisite embossed leather: Asos skinny leg trouser suit

Enjoying the sun in my Asos embossed leather trouser suit with vintage green leather tia dna gloves and classic Stan Smith low tops by Adidas

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to photograph these embossed leather skinny pants by Asos as a suit or otherwise. The same goes for the amazing vintage green leather gloves by Jonelle. The problem hasn’t been me wearing them, it has been capturing the lovely texture of the embossing and the vibrant colour of the green.

More often than not, I do my photoshoots under studio lighting. Whilst this can bring out the wonderful grain in the leather to the extent that you can see the dust in it and enhances that delectable shine that we love, it has a tendency to flatten out any embossing such as you see on these leather trousers.

The amazing flower detail on my embossed leather trousers by Asos

The other problem is colour. Yes it can be adjusted to a certain extent in post-production, but I really don’t like resorting to that. Previously when I’ve had these gloves on under studio lighting the colour has turned out more blue than vibrant green.

My photographer and I decided that the best way to capture both the trousers and gloves was in natural sunlight. All we had to do was wait for the right amount of sun, at the right time of day to create the right kind of light in the bedroom. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Close up in my Stan Smith low tops by Adidas with tier classic green heel flash

Having had this particular leather suit picked out and waiting to be worn and photographed for several weeks, the moment came. The light was perfect and we had the time. On went the embossed skinny leather trousers with my green Dobby spot shirt by Hawes & Curtis. I slipped on some classic Stan Smith low tops, donned my jacket and slid my hands into the vintage green leather gloves.

As I posed, I was able to take a moment to think about, and appreciate, the craftsmanship that went into the items in this trouser suit. Take the embossed leather trousers. The flower and petal pattern has been created by sewing padding between the outer and a concealed inner layer of leather. Now this could easily have ended up fairly flat, but whoever designed and crafted these trousers made sure that the outer layer of leather stretched over the padding rather than crushing it.

Showing off the cuff link detail with my vintage leather gloves that I wore with my Asos embossed leather trouser suit perfectly match the colour of the classic Stan Smith low tops by Adidas

I don’t know just how old these vintage leather gloves are, but they are still in amazing condition. None of the fine stitching on the delicate seams has failed, and aside from a slight loss of grain detail on the fingers, there is little sign of wear on them. And then there is the amazingly vibrant green colour that perfectly matches the green of the traditional Stan Smiths.

Speaking of the trainers, this isn’t the first time I showcased a leather suit on here with me sporting pristine white leather trainers like the rebel I am. I love the dissonance of a sharp, tailored black leather suit with the bright white, athletic nature of trainers. As if I would actually be running anywhere in one of my suits!

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Jacket: Jigsaw
Trousers: Asos
Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
Tie: Vintage
Trainers: Stan Smith by Adidas
Gloves: Vintage Jonelle

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Sitting tall in my Asos embossed leather trouser suit, vintage green leather gloves and classic Stan Smith low tops by Adidas
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    Agree ! Diana Rigg as “ Emma “ would look super sassy & foxy in your leather duds too ! P . S. John Steed would look sharp also !

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